Backblast!  Give me some Ricky Bobby!
Date: 02/04/2022
AO:   Golden Spike
PAX: Wait Time, Folsom, Grillz, Sister Act, FDIC, Mother Goose, Safe Ride, Chicklets, Room
Service, Wentworth, Rollbar, Sparty, Rancid, Vandelay, Honey Made, Doggy Paddle, Barn Door, Skeet,
Blue Chip, Tin Cup, Tugboat, Sweet Roll, Herky, Corn Pile
FNGs:  0
Q:   Taps (F3KC)
Total Pax:  25
Conditions: Not too bad for Omaha in February, only -4 wind chill and no breeze except what we
created during the Ricky Bobby!
Warm-Up: 12 SSHs, 8 Michael Phelps, 8 Willie Mays Hayes
Mosey to parking lot where pax did some Ricky Bobby (Indian Run) to far side of parking lot with 2 lines,
12 and 13 pax respectively. Numbered off and the “1’s” were first up on the gear (while the others Ricky
Bobby) one pax on the battle ropes and the other pax on the 20 lbs slam ball doing Around the Worlds,
once the Ricky Bobby lines turned around at opposite end of parking lot the 2 pax on the gear
flapjacked. Once the Ricky Bobby lines got back to start, pax fell in and the “2’s” were up on the gear.
After we got thru the “6’s” all pax moseyed to hill for bear crawls down and crawl bears up. Then back to
the Ricky Bobby.
The BD progressed until we got to the “9’s”, in the interest of time, all of the pax circled up around the
gear while the 10s, 11s, 12s and YHC finished up.
During the circle up, the pax performed various Merkins: Divebomber, Blast Off, X-style and a Tempo
Merkin combo by Mother Goose.
Mosey back to flag for some Mary
Mary: Box Cutters, Flutter Kicks, Dying Cockroaches
COT: YHC shared an anonymous quote from inner webs…
 I am of the nature to grow old
 I am of the nature to grow sick
 I am of the nature to die
 Everything I love will change or go away
 My only true possessions are my actions and I cannot escape their consequences
To me the first four are not there to make life feel pointless, but to remind you of the nature of things so
when they happen you don’t wallow in them and let them overtake you and your day/life.  These things
will happen.  It is only a matter of time.  In those moments you can’t control how you feel…and at times
you will feel terrible…but you can control what you do, how you act.  You can choose to act in a way
that provides the best possible outcome for you, your friends, your family…whoever is important to you.
However you choose to act is yours and yours alone.  Sometimes you will not make good choices and
you will have to deal with the consequences.  Other times you will make great choices and you will reap
the rewards.
Naked Man Moleskin: I love coming up to my F3 birthplace, Omaha, I was named at The Oracle at Boys
Town in April 2019 by 30 really great guys. I was a stranger to them that day but the welcome, the
warmth, their sincerity, and their obvious love for each other made an indelible memory for me and it is
why I continue to give-it-away every single day as a part of F3 Nation. I thank you.

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