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29 Pax: HouseParty, Stitches, Khakis (Respect), Farva, Maaco, BlackFlag, Romeo (Hate), Ferdinand, Blades Of Glory, Pothole, Da Vinci (Respect,Respect), HoneyMaid, WaterBoy – #HighQualityH2O, Swiper, CheapSeats, Oompa, Retweet, Z-Bo, Skeet (Hate), Cataracts, TatorTot, Doppler, WaitTime (Respect), Trench, TonyTheTiger, IceT, 2-Step, Vandelay (Respect), & YHC, Firewalker!

4:05 – Alarm. I’m up. Don’t wanna be. Had to remind myself I’ve got the Q @ The Oracle today. “This is it, don’t get scared now,”. I’m up! I’m dressed. Grab my speaker that’s been charging all night. Can’t find my water bottle. Drop my speaker. Just lucky I didn’t wake up the fam let alone the neighborhood! Grab a banana. Head out the door. Get 3/4 mile down the road and realize I forgot my Gor-Tex mittens. Gonna need them today. A solid 11 degrees but the windchill got it feeling like 5. Whip a U-ey. Still plenty of time….Probably. Grab my gloves and proceed to drive the 24 minutes to where it all started almost four years ago! Connect my phone in my car and try out my playlist….. hell, I got time to kill. It should be known I heard very little of it. Too busy thinking and playing it forward in my mind. “You got this FW”. Mental Note: watch out for the cop under the 132nd St Bridge. I saw the flashing lights ahead. He was visiting with someone else. I was clear.

I pulled into the parking lot. Saw Trench. Estimated he hadn’t gone to bed and just started running. Likely 3-5 miles in already.

5am PreRun: Trench, JeanClaude, Ferdinand, Farva, TonyTheTiger, Firewalker.

5:30 PreRun: we were joined by Swiper, Stitches, CheapSeats, Vandelay. I’m sure I’m missing someone…. Apologies if I did.

6:00 am

FW welcomed the pax. Read from the Urban Dictionary the definitions of Sassy Frass: 1) term used for calming down. NOPE. NOT REALLY. 2) the non religous form of blasphemy…. NOW WE ARE GETTING SOMEWHERE! 3) something amazing! PERFECT!

FW stated the mission of F3 was to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. FW rocked the 5 core principles and informed the pax that regardless of things they’ve heard, read or seen, I am absolutely not a professional and to modify as necessary. With that….we mosey’d west.


⁃ High Knees – 10 IC

⁃ Static Stretching – Right Leg, Left Leg, each all 10 counts

⁃ Sun Gods. 10 each direction, IC

⁃ Control Freak Merkins – 10 on my up/down


Contra Burpee BroadJumps. One burpee + One BroadJump, Two burpees + two BroadJumps….. up to 10. The pax throughly enjoyed this PreThang…. Even though no one said it out loud…. Maybe the couldn’t. Not enough air? Meh, we move! The pax mosey’d to the three orange cones lit up in the grassy field.


“Love in an Elevator! Livin’ It Up While We’re Goin’ Down!”

FW gave a few instructions. Partner up. Number of reps will always be 14. Complete first exercise, run down and back, complete first and second exercise together before a run down and back. Keep adding a new exercise. FW demonstrated Cheerleaders and IronCrosses. Clear as Mud. Nobody asked questions….! FW queued Aerosmith on his phone and Bluetooth speaker and it was goin’ down!

⁃ Alternating Shoulder Taps – IC

⁃ Bobby Hurleys – Single Count

⁃ LBCs – IC

⁃ Groiners – Single Count

⁃ Cheerleaders- Single Count

⁃ Heal Touches – IC

⁃ Chest Touch Merkins – Single Count

⁃ Gorilla Humpers – IC

⁃ IronCrosses – Single Count

⁃ Ranger Merkins- Single Count

⁃ Hillbillies- IC

⁃ BBSUs – Single Count

⁃ Carolina DryDocks – Single Count

⁃ Burpees- Single Count

FW called Omaha @ 6:50am and we mosey’d (in the wrong direction) back to the ShovelFlags.

Pax circled up and we completed on round of SarpySlammers, #RancidStyle. 29 was our final tally!

Name-o-Rama was completed.


⁃ BloodDrive

⁃ 3rdF opportunities highlighted

⁃ $8,000+ raised for BoysTown through CSAUP for new hoops! Final tally coming soon!


⁃ Patten. Rumor had it he was out of the hospital and feeling feisty already!


FW shared what had been on his heart lately from QSOURCE. Lead Right Quadrant – Commitment and Consistency. Two things I struggle with. Finding that sustained optimal performance is tough to do. It hard to be pulled in so many directions and always be at the top of your game all the time. FW challenges the pax to reflect on the question: Who is depending on you? Keep battling. Keep focused on what really matters. Commit to the right things and find your groove for consistency!

FW lead the cold pax out with a short prayer.

With a beautiful sunrise to the east, the Nugent Flag was passed from HIM Ice- T to 2-Step. Photos captured and memorialized the moment!



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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