The Combine – We’re feeling very Olympic

Friday, February 4, 2022

Kiewit Middle School

9 degrees air temp, -7 wind chill, light winds out of SSE – AKA: IT’S COLD!

PAX: Al Borland, Q-Tip, Toto, Arm Bar, LPC, Farva, Super Host, Mulligan, Barbershop Oompa, Scouber, Doppler, Superfly

QIC: Super Fly

Super Fly welcomed the 12 other PAX to The Combine. He stated the F3 Mission Statement, 5 Core Principals, and Credo.

We moseyed across the parking lot for Warm-O-Rama. While moseying to WOR, Superfly forgot to mention that he’s NOT a professional, if that wasn’t obvious enough already.


15 – Cherry Pickers (IC), 15 – Big Ones (SLOW) led by AB, 16 – Tappy Taps (IC) by Toto, 16 Side-Straddle Hops (IC) led by Oompa, and 16 – Arm Circles (IC) (both directions) led by LPC.

That concluded Warm-O-Rama, so the PAX moseyed to the football field with coupons in hand

Thang – Football Field

Superfly split PAX into 4 groups to complete the “wheel” grinder. We had 4 spokes and a hub. The hub consisted of 5 burpees each time you returned to the hub. Each spoke had an “a” & “b” exercise you’d do, as you went around the wheel. Station 1 was core, 20 reps each in cadence, LBC’s and Frozen Freddies. Station 2 was legs, 20 Air Squats and 20 Monkey Humpers IC. Station 3 was core, 20 reps each in cadence, Flutter Kicks and Box Cutters. Station 4 was arms with coupons, 20 Arm Curls and 20 Bent Over Row.

The PAX completed 5 revolutions on the wheel and completed somewhere around 100 burpees all in all. (yeah, I didn’t think that through on how many we’d do)

Omaha was called and the PAX returned to the shovel flags for Mary.


22 – Merkins

All PAX then took their turn with American Hammers, Rancid Style, completing 13 reps in total.




2nd F – 1st Friday lunch today at Flagship Commons (Westroads Mall) @ 11:30

2nd F – Happy Hour with Taps from KC, today at Omaha Tap House (156th & Dodge) @ 5:00 PM

Continued prayers for our HIM Patton (respect), as he continues to recover from his “Humpty Dumpty” move earlier this week.

Continued prayers for Superfly’s co-worker Jamie, her newborn son Carter, and her husband Weston. 


As I came back from the IMPACT retreat, I keep assessing myself as to how I was creating an impact within my home, at work and within our community.  I stress the importance of making sure you’re taking inventory on your impact at least weekly.  

I challenge each of you to pick up the phone and call a friend, F3 PAX or not, and just check in. You never know what impact will be created out of that phone call, for you and the person you reach out to. I asked each of those attending The Combine this morning to make one phone call this week, to someone that comes on their mind throughout the day. It maybe exactly what that person needed at that time.

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