02/03/2022, 5:30am | Futurama | Omaha, NE| 2F. Feels like -15F.

PAX: Rooster, Stitches, Demigorgan, Rancid, Polaroid, Bovine, Gunner, & Spreadsheet

QIC: Spreadsheet

Your QIC arrived at Futurama a couple minutes early to scope out the best way to keep the PAX warm on the very chilly morning. At just before 5:30, Stitches asked, “So who’s the Q?” to which Spreadsheet responded “that would be me.” The wonderful siteQ, Mac&Cheese, had texted me the night before saying he was under the weather and provided me the opportunity to Q on this fine morning.

The QIC stated the 3 Fs, 5 core principles, mission statement, and that he to everyone’s surprise was not a professional.


The Q had the Pax mosey to the circle around the flag and performed the following:

20 SSH

20 Johnny Dramas

20 Goofballs

The Thang:

Based on the wind chill the Q knew he needed to keep the PAX moving. The PAX moseyed to Cass street and then to the corner of Cass and Happy Hollow. The PAX performed 20 air squats and 20 monkey humpers. The PAX then moseyed to corner of Dodge and Happy Hollow. The PAX performed 20 cherry pickers & 20 dive bombers then moseyed just past the pedestrian bridge by the gardens on Dodge. The PAX performed 20 frozen freddies, 20 LBCs, and 20 ETK. From here the PAX moseyed down the trail with the next destination being the baseball diamond on Cass Street. Once there the Q found it fitting to do diamond merkins next to the baseball diamond. 20 diamond merkins were followed by 20 standard merkins, and 20 werkins. The Q then instructed the PAX to lunge walk the length of the parking lot where the shovel flag gets planted for Ironwood. Once completed the PAX moseyed to the Rose garden to close out with Rancid American Hammers. Omaha was called and the PAX returned to the shovel flags.

Announcements: 2nd F opportunities for First Friday lunch and subsequent happy hour. 3rd opportunities- Abide, Polar Plunge, Freed to Bleed

Prayer Requests: For Patton as he heals up. For Rooster’s friend who will need to have medical procedures performed. For all things on PAX heart that remain unspoken.

COT: Would I say I was prepared to lead today? Yes and No. Could I have felt comfortable leading a group of men much more fit than I a year and a half ago before F3? No way. I didn’t even know how to lead myself frankly. My pre-blast included a GIF of Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber totally whiffing on a high five and I made the joke that Mac & Cheese’s workout was going to be dumb but mine was going to be dumber. Doing “Dumb” stuff sometimes maybe even all the time might actually be beneficial. I haven’t yet finished the book but recently I’ve been reading The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter. The premise of what I’ve read so far is that comfort may not be the answer for happiness but that discomfort and then the triumph over discomfort is the answer to happiness. We biologically were meant to overcome discomfort on a daily basis whether that be finding food, finding shelter, and doing our best to watch over our families not live in total comfort watching Netflix with potato chips being a couch potato. The book discusses the concept of Misogi which is borrowed from Japan and involves purposefully doing hard things and challenging ourselves to be uncomfortable. The 2 rules are there has to be at least a 50% chance of failure and don’t die. While the things this guy does are beyond anything I can imagine doing, the CSAUP was a Misogi for me. It was the furthest I’d ever run and physically the biggest challenge I’d ever completed. There was plenty of discomfort but man was the end sweet. Do dumb stuff. Sometimes that is where the happiness lies. Thanks for doing this dumb workout with me this morning.

Polaroid led us out in prayer



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