DATE: 2022-02-04
AO: Woodshed
Q: Golden Pike (GP)
PAX: Beeps, bovine, Shingles, Invictus, Two Step, Edison, Sportiva, Ice T, Hoser, E-85
Q rolled into the parking lot after doing a 3.6 mile run and realized he had 5 minutes to get setup. Ran some more to get things setup quick.


GP brought CHURCH to Elmwood and played the smash hit “Stomp” by God’s Property (w/ Kirk Franklin)

During the song we switched between these exercises:
Bonnie claps (clap on the jump) (IC)
Switch to squat claps
Bonnie claps
Alternating shoulder taps (during that sweet SnP solo)
Squat claps (during “GP ARE YOU WIT ME?”)
Bonnie claps
Squat claps (during “GP ARE YOU WIT ME?”)
Bonnie claps

Ran together to the outbuilding and did 3 reps of donkey kicks against the wall with a 10-second rest in between.

We did a 3-man grinder in the parking lot between the grotto and the out-building. GP brought the tunes and filled the morning air with the sounds of DC Talk, Newsboys and various other artists from his middle-school youth group days. The exercises for each side were as follows:

Side one:
Monkey humpers
Apollo Onos
Copperhead squats
Fly steps
Imperial walkers
Wide squats
Carolina Dry-docks

Side two:
Mountain climbers
Hand-release merkins
Freddy Mercuries
Makhtar D’Njays
Plank jacks
Box cutters
Alarm clocks
Pickle pushers

MARY: Rancid-style hammers, cuz that’s how we do.

– “Freed to Lead” discussions happening all over the region. – First Friday lunch today.
– Taps in town and a happy hour today at Omaha Tap House.

– For Patton who is hopefully getting discharged from the hospital today. – For Sportiva, his M and their 2.0 who will soon be coming. – For Edison’s wife and her continued recovery.
– For Superfly’s co-worker and their family.


I hadn’t really thought through this COT, so it was mostly me rambling about how I used to only listen to Christian music in middle-school because my parents wanted to shield me from “secular” music. I eventually discovered it anyway, but that didn’t stop my love for Christian music. I also feel like the music helped shape me into the kind of faith I have today.

I think we don’t often think of God telling us “no” as a way of shaping us, but for me it has shaped me. Many of the things God told me “no” on I didn’t understand the reason back then, but now I do. It’s the same with being a parent. What often feels like the “oppression of no” is a guard for them and to help them mature, whether they understand it or not. We need to recognize that while we CAN do anything we want, that doesn’t mean we should. Keep listening and accept His will and truth Him.

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