It was described as a balmy breezy February morning with the wind chill temps dipping as low as -15 degrees at The Berm (the wind always blows at The Berm).  The PAX gathered promptly around Flags at 5:15am.  15 HIM including Slow Pitch, House Party, Herky, Skipper, Toto, Pantyhose, Al Boreland, LPC, Skeet, Birdman, TC “Respect”, Rich FNG “welcome” Blue Chip, Slap Shot, and Tater Tot.  He went over what F3 stands for including the 5 Core Principles, Mission Statement, Disclaimer, Credo and ultimately asked if there were any FNGs and welcomed Rich who would ultimately be given the F3 name “CLUB CAR” – and then they were off.  In usual Khakis fashion there was no warmaram but there was a Pre-Thang but evidentially the instructions were lost in translation – so incredible amount of whining ensued.  


Khakis explained this was a 3 group grinder.

Group 1 the endzone  Group 2 was shown what cone they were to gather at and then group 3 at the other endzone.  Ok here is where it may have got confusing.

Group one would broad jump/groiner for 20 yards and then jog to group 2 who was doing AMRAP SSH same as group 3 at the goal line.

Group 1 would begin to SSH and group 2 would broad jump/groiner for 20 yards and then jog to group 3 and then begin SSH

Group 3 would broad jump/groiner for 20 yards and jog 10 towards group one who was doing SSH thus a 3-Group Grinder was going with the jump/groiner as the push group.


It got a little sideways and Khakis called Omaha.  Enough of the bitching and complaining it was time for The Thang.


FEBRUARY 3rd, 2022

3 groups 2 spaced out evenly around the ¼ mile track one group as the push.

The Thang – All Exercises AMRAP 

Mountain Climbers

Hand-Release Burpees


Hand-Release T-Mekrins

Squat Jumps 

Side Straddle Hop

Carolina Dry Docks

Bonnie Blairs 

Alternating Shoulder Taps 

Bobby Hurleys 


Chilcutt- Plank 


Omaha was called the PAX circled up and completed a round of American Hammers Rancid Style.


Then the final Omaha was called and Khakis completed Namorama, went over the announcements and prayer requests. His COT was short but to the point – it was pretty cold and he knew the boys were ready for some hot coffee.  It was the day after Ground Hog day so he decided to rinse and repeat an abridged version of his COT from Tuesday.  He held up a copy of Freed to Lead (F2L) and frankly admitted that book changed his life. He said this book and F3 made him a better man, husband, father, brother, son, Uncle, Cousin … just a better man not the best but man he could be.  He was admittedly a work in progress and far from perfect.  He joked that he was half expecting to see his picture in the back of the book stating “in memory of”…but thank God it didn’t go that far.  He encouraged the PAX to lean into F3 and take advantage of that F3 has to offer.

He then asked TC “respect” to pray us out. Khakis

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