AO: Heavy Metal 

DATE: 02/02/2022 

Weather: 16 degrees and clear, feels like 1  

PAX (18): Rancid, Spreadsheet, Bloodshot, Davinci, Wentworth, Killswitch, Hipster, Sportiva, TC, Folsom, Spacebar, Griswold, Lite Brite, Ozark, Wait Time, Gator, Hoser, Hard Hat 

Q: Hard Hat 

I was pretty jacked up for this Q, because part of it I’ve had in mind ever since the launch of Heavy Metal. A fair amount of preparation went into this, but mostly, this Q forced me to complete a small project I’d been wanting to make over the last week. With everything loaded up the night before, I slept like a baby and got up early enough to do a slight amount of setup, then join TC and Killswitch for the Queenservice pre-ruck. A few guys got in other pre-workout activities. Upon our return from the ruck, I had a few minutes to finish setup. There was a good sized group that formed, which was a welcome sight.  

Welcome: I had to interrupt a lot of mumble chatter, that lingered into the welcome a bit. I didn’t have time to waste. This is F3, I’m Hard Hat, your Q for today. This is my first Q at Heavy Metal, because the site Q’s have never asked (*Disclaimer, Spacebar had me on his list to ask, I just beat him to it). We had a couple of first time Heavy Metal goers with Ozark and Gator. No new guys. I started the music at this point. The group was informed that we’d jam to the greatest album of all time. I hit the 5 principles as “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin flowed out of the speaker. Gave a disclaimer, then we were off! 

This is the point where we did what you could consider a warm up. We did a few yoga poses. Down dog and Up dog. Then Pigeon Pose, each leg. After a decent stretch, everyone grabbed their weights and we backpeddled around the park to end up at the “Spire(?)”. 

Once we arrived at the “Oblisk(?)” everyone grabbed a spot on the wall for some Tib Raises. We attempted to go around the “Tower(?)” with everyone counting this. Confusion ensued. Screw it, let’s do some Chicken Peckers, Rancid style. After a somewhat successful run of Chicken Peckers, we attempted Tib raises again. This time, everyone was instructed to hold the raise and count off around the “Thingy(?)”. This was a little better. We did Chicken Peckers again.  

Move along to the benches. Everyone was told to have enough space for dips and step ups. We then did AMRAP dips until told to switch to Derkins. Then told to switch to bench/box squats “don’t smash your nuts!”. Then back to Dips, then Derkins. I was waiting until the right song came on to move on to Step Ups. We were a little ahead of schedule at this point, so I was just trying to buy time, but could not justify jumping to the next song. Finally, Stairway to Heaven came on. “Do Step Ups with your weights, it’s the ‘Stairway to Heaven’!” “Oh by the way, it’s an 8 minute song if you weren’t aware, so pace yourself!” “Just kidding, we won’t go that long, haha!” After a while of doing these, we moved on back to the playground.  

Circled up, it was explained that in the circle we’d do an exercise AMRAP while one guy did sled work. The weight sled was setup to be pushed out to a light, then pulled backwards to the starting point. Four coupons were on the sled. The Q went first, to help demonstrate, while the group did squats. Four coupons was too much for the push. Two were quickly disposed of. That was better. We went around the circle until all PAX had a chance to hit the sled. All the while, we cycled through the following: Squats, SSH & Mountain Climbers (during “Misty Mountain Hop”), Curls, Hammers, Big Boys, KB Swings, Merkin Rows, Lunges, and wrapped it all up with Burpees.  

Closing: We did the Namarama, had announcements for 1st Friday activities, some 3rd F opportunities, prayers for Patton, G.U.T, and Sportiva.  

Circle of Trust: I’ve wanted to lead a workout at Heavy Metal to the sweet sounds of Led Zeppelin’s untitled fourth album. I’ve wanted it since pretty much the launch of HM. I consider this the greatest album of all time, and many consider it the foundation for what we now know of as Heavy Metal (the genre, not the AO). I’ve been a Led Zeppelin fan for an extremely long time, and I was reminded of my desire to Q this workout late last year, when I learned that the album had hit it’s 50th anniversary (Respect!). As I listened to it so many times again and learned a little more about the band’s recording of it, I began to realize how unconventional the band and this album were. They fought with their record company to have the album untitled. In the song Four Sticks, John Bonham played the drums with four sticks. For “When the Levee Breaks” they basically recorded the song in a stairwell to get the acoustics just the way the wanted them. So many things that went into this album were unconventional. Lately I’ve gotten into some of the fitness work that the Knee Over Toes guy (on Instagram and YouTube) does. He’s somewhat unconventional in these fitness practices, but is gaining a lot of traction with them. I wanted to incorporate some of that in today’s workout. That’s why we backpeddled to the tower, why we did Tib Raises, and why we had the sled with the backwards pull. Sometimes doing things in an unconventional way can lead to new progress and great things. Keep an open mind to trying things differently and maybe seek out ways to do something a little unconventional. You might stumble upon something great! 


Hard Hat 

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