PAX:  Vandelay (Respect), Skeet, Doggy Paddle, Hurky, Hoser, Corn Pile, Skipper, FDIC, Room Service, Wentworth, Roadhouse, Chiclets (Respect), Gator, Barn Door, Wait Time (Respect), and…

Your Q – Ozark (YHC, Respect)

A balmy 38-degree, 60% humidity morning with a light, southerly breeze.  Preceding YHC and Gator’s arrival were pre-runners Barn Door, Vandelay, and Chiclets who pranced through the neighborhood, climbing that laborious Pacific Street hill to join the beat down just in time.  With Gator’s uncanny assistance, YHC set up for the Thang on the grassy knoll near the shovel flags. 

Meanwhile, the PAX trickled in, chatted and stretched the hammies. 

Gator performs some sort of cross-body, European Power Stretch whilst mumblechatter abounds.  Pre-runners arrive to much acclaim.  At 5:30, YHC covers the mission statement, core principles, and disclaimer.  No FNGs.  FDIC’s 42nd birthday!!!

Ozark led the PAX down the street to the NW parking lot for Warm-A-Rama.  While trying not to interrupt happy mumble chatter, Ozark led cadence:

SSH 20,

Cherry Pickers 20,

Modified Big Ones (IVERYSLOWC) Holding 10 Count Each Side

Modified Runner Stretch (On one knee, other leg extended in front, forehead to extended knee, slow 10 Count) followed by a Pigeon on the extended leg for 10 count.

Switch legs and repeat (mixed mumblechatter, some in favor of said stretch, others…notsomuch.  Too bad for them)

FOF Slow, Low, Air Squats 20 count


Pre-Thang – String of Pearls

Headed downhill (south) to the first round-a-bout where the PAX circled up and Roadhouse led cadence in 20 Bonnie Blairs

Mosey uphill (northeast) to the next round-a-bout

Our man who can’t be kept on the injured reserve, Chiclets, led cadence in 20 Apollo Ohnos

Mosey north to the round-a-bout nearest the shovel flags, behind coffee-rama.  YHC led the PAX in 20 FOF, low, slow air squats.

Mosey.  To…

The Thang

Count off 1-3.  These are the 3 Groups.

3 stations, running group is the push group.

Group 1 will run from the grassy knoll to the nearest round-a-bout and either do 5 burpees – OR – 10 jump tucks.  Then run back together and push group 2 who pushes Group 3.

Group 2 will perform AMRAPs w/ a new exercise each round.

Same for Group 3.  Each of these include exercises can or cannot include a coupon.  Irwin M Fletcher, you choose (P.S. – Have a Nice Day 😊).

AMRAPs assigned to Station 2 (all coupon ready):

Round 1- WW1’s

Round 2 – LBCs

Round 3 –American Hammers

Round 4 – Flutterkicks

AMRAPs assigned to Station 3:

Round 1- Lunges (coupon capable)

Round 2 – Apollo Ohnos

Round 3 –Squats (coupon capable)

Round 4 – Bonnie Blairs

After 2 1/3 rounds, YHC calls Omaha. 

PAX circles for Mary in the grass near the shovel flags.

The PAX counted off then enjoyed sublte mumble chatter while YHC darted to the car to get his phone.  Wentworth notes the nice inclusion of Winter Olympic themed exercises.  (Thx WW!!!)

Given the core performed in the Thang, YHC pivoted and called for American Hammers for Mary.  Too bad.  Captain Thor was to make an appearance.

Name-o-rama without a hitch (new for YHC). 

Announcements – YHC noted that CSAUP was last Saturday and details around the logistics can be found on Slack.  Seriously though, you can still donate for the b-ball hoops and towards the food/coffee.   Chiclets mentions Wait Time’s appearance on the F3 Nation Podcast:

Chiclets urges all PAX to listen.  Such a great representation of F3 Omaha (REPRESENT!) and how our collective leadership and PAX make our local F3 something special.   Also, FDIC’s 42nd birthday.  Looking good brother!


It’s February 1st.  Know what that means?  January’s behind us!!!

Ozark explained his relatively new-found respect and enjoyment for Bruce Springsteen and his artistry.  The guy’s been at it for over 50 years, won 20 Grammys, including recently, exercises daily, doing his thing with fire in the belly.  As a teen in the 80’s, Ozark wasn’t that into The Boss, at the time the then current music was speaking to life’s topics of a 30 something, so no draw there.  Later in life, Ozark cracked opened the archives and realized just how much passion and wisdom Springsteen imbues upon the world.  The great thing about him, since he’s been at it for 50 years, we’re able to listen to his observations of life throughout our own different stages of life.

One album, Tunnel of Love, was released in 1987 and, as mentioned, Ozark wasn’t all that interested at the time, despite its winning a Grammy.  However, once in his 40’s, Ozark listened again.  And again.  Especially one song in particular, One Step Up, which could be called the Ballad of the Sad Clown.  Bruce sings of how life isn’t working.  He wakes up and the furnace ain’t burnin’.  Turns the key on the old Ford, but the engine, she ain’t turnin’.  He speaks to the trouble in his marriage (which, ironically, he was actually suffering at the time, he married a younger woman relatively quickly).  Mid-way through the song he sings “I look in the mirror and I don’t see, the man I wanted to be.  Somewhere along the line I got off track.  One step up and two steps back…”

Hearing that song in my mid-40’s hit me between the eyes.  My wife and I moved to Portland, OR in 2005 (at age 34) and everything was going great.  We were both working, I was renovating our house and going to school at night for my masters degree.  I was running a lot, mostly through the forest.  We’d take weekends to the coast or the mountains.  Then we had our kids!  So good.  But…the financial crisis hit hard and my career stalled.  I didn’t intend to stay at this company long, but couldn’t find other, good paying work.  With so many people moving to PDX (without jobs) for the same reasons we did (the climate, the environs, etc.), too many educated, qualified people for too few jobs.  The public schools are an absolute mess (Oregon is ranked 49th out 50).  We had to go private schools.  Money got tight, then got worse.  We had to get out.  I tried for years to find something back in the Midwest, becoming a finalist in two jobs. “But why would you want to move to Indianapolis/St Louis from Portland?”   I felt trapped. (But NOT in my marriage, no sir and thank God)  So…I asked for help.  From a guy I knew pretty well who ran a department at Mutual.  We danced for a while and he hired me.  We moved here 4 ½ years ago and my career is flourishing.  All is well.  Back on track.  Still working my ass off, that’s not different.  This success is due to the people I’m surrounded by and their attitude towards, and expectations for, me.  Way, WAY better.

Longwindedly, guys, I’ve been there.  Life’s pressures and struggles are real.  A great aspect of F3 is the PAX.  And for this purpose, the Respect Group.  When you’re struggling with whatever it is, marriage, career, parenting, finances, we’ve likely been there.  Reach out and ask for help.  You can get to the other side.  I’ve seen it done.

Wait Time took us out in prayer.

Shalom Out – Ozark

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