February 2nd 2022 / Aldrich Elementary
AO: Top Rope
Q: Z-bo & Golden Pike
PAX: Oompa, Da Kine, U-Haul, Scoober, Superfly, Doppler, Overtime, Romeo, Black Flag, Truly, Barbershop, Skeet, Herkey
Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles.

It was a balmy 12 degrees fahrenheit outside. Z-bo, Truly and GP had just finished a 5k pre-run (because they’re badasses) and the PAX was waiting over by a FALSE shovel flag area. The Qs asked what’s up and it turned out the site Q had not yet shown up. We decided at 5:30 to get the PAX moving to the TRUE flag site and it’s about that time the site Q ran in. (Love you, Dop!)

GP stated the 5 core principles and the mission statement and then handed it off to Z-bo to kick the beatdown off. Little did the PAX know they would be caught up in a time loop that would send them on a journey of self-discovery, much like Bill Murray in the 1993 Bill Murray comedy classic, “Groundhog Day”.
-The loop starts-
Z-bo: “OK campers! Rise and shine! And don’t forget your booties because it’s cooooold outside! The big question today is will Puxatawny Phil see his shadow because…” (“I Got You Babe” in the background)

Both Qs: “….it’s GROUNDHOG DAY!”
15 Tappy Taps
15 SSH (Lead by Oompa)
15 Squat jumps
The Thang
Stations will be in three areas within about 100 yards of each other.
Station 1 (by wall):
15 Australian mountain climbers
30 second wall-sit
30 second balls to the wall (count-off done by Doppler, Truly and Z-bo)

Station 2:
15 Apollo Onos
15 Bobby Hurleys
15 Monkey humpers

Station 3:
16 T-Merkins
16 Arm reaches
16 Pickle pushers (lead by Skeet)

15 LBCs (lead by Romeo)
15 Flutter kicks (lead by Barbershop)

-End of loop-

We repeated this entire beatdown three times. Yep.

After our third time through, GP did a quick fakeout after Z-bo did his little Groundhog Day spiel for the third time and lead the PAX in some Rancid-style hammers. The sighs of relief from the PAX were audible.

I asked the PAX if anyone has seen the movie “Groundhog Day” and most hands were raised. The beatdown today was an homage to that film. The plot revolves around Phil Connors, a narcissistic weatherman who finds himself caught in a timeloop where he relives Groundhog Day in Punxatawny, PA over and over and over. Phil goes through different phases during his chronos-prison time. He is at first belligerent, then defiant, then he accepts his plight and finally self-actualization, which is what eventually frees him.

Phil woos this woman, Rita, while trapped in Groundhog Day and at first he’s manipulating the day to finally get her to sleep with him. But then he actually doesn’t try at all and instead let’s them naturally find their love together. He thinks this might be what breaks the loop, but he doesn’t even really care. Turns out that’s NOT what breaks the loop. What breaks the loop is when Phil finally let’s go of his own ego totally and let’s the universe take hold of him. He drifts into bettering himself and the people around him. In fact, by the end, he has managed to get the entire town to basically fall in love with him. He learns piano, fixes peoples tires, gets a newlywed couple tickets to Wrestlemania and just generally looks outside himself towards everyone around him.

The lesson I draw from this is that we often get stuck in loops where we’re only looking at ourselves. The loops may be pretty selfserving, comfortable and generally feed our own ego, but they at some point become our destruction. What we are called to do as men by God and F3 is to look outside ourselves to our concentrica and ask the question “How can I be of service?” That’s why the 3rd F is so important. Without the 3rd F there is no balance.

So, just as doing the beatdown over and over again finally helped us see where we needed to improve, repetition in our lives is not always a bad thing. It’s only a bad thing when it serves ONLY us.

Prayers and Announcements
First Friday lunch at Omaha Tap House.
“Freed to Lead” discussions happening around town.
Prayers for Superfly as he has been dealing with loss, grief and for a co-worker (Jamie) who is in a coma with a stroke while also being in the third trimester with her baby boy (Carter). Also prayed for her husband, Weston.
Prayers for Patton as he’s dealing with a collapsed lung after his spill at Octagon.

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