# of PAX:  19

QIC:  Doppler & Skidz

0445 Pre-Run  

PAX:  Ferdinand, Swiper, Pit Stop, Escobar, Yogi, Tony The Tiger

0515 Beatdown  

PAX:  Supe, OverTime, Yogi, TonyTheTiger, Ditty, Echo, HuHot, Pit Stop, Swiper, GirlDad, Chernobyl, Ferdinand, Schrute, Animal House, Escobar, Oooompah, Scoober, Doppler, Skidz

Doppler welcomed the Pax at 0515 sharp.

Doppler went on to cover the 5 core principles of F3.  

1)  Always Free.  
2) Always held outdoors.
3) Led in a rotating fashion.
4) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT).  
5) Open to ALL men.

Skidz asked if there were any FNGs , well I guess Doppler did that too.

Disclaimer: Skidz then went on to explain that he and Doppler are not experts but before he could Doppler continued talking as usual and took that statement to the PAX and also to modify the exercise suggestions if/as necessary.  Skidz then instructed the PAX to stay circled up for W-A-R.

Warm-a-rama: Skidz led

SSH 20 IC, Windmills 10 (Abe Vigoda slow), Grass Pickers 15 (Tap-py-tap but then throw the gas behind your back), Overhead Claps 15.    

Pre-Thang: Doppler led the PAX with the following:

Brass Monkey Humpers: We turned on Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys and did variations of monkey humpers without stopping for 2:37

10 X Monkey Humpers

10 x R Leg Monkey Humpers

10 X L Leg Monkey Humpers

10 X Gorilla Humpers 

10 X Chimp Pimpers (feet together)

10 X R Leg Monkey Lunges

10 X L Leg Monkey Lunges

Went to the bleachers and did 

10 x L leg elevated R leg Lunges

10 x R leg elevated L Leg lunges

10 x R leg step ups

10 x L leg step ups

10 x step ups

The Thang: Coupon work!  Pair up with a similar man/run pace.  If a bruiser find a fellow bruiser.  2 man-coupon grinder.
2-man coupon grinder

While one man jogs/runs/rucks around the circle, the other man works down the list of exercises.  When 1st man returns from his run, do 1 bro-pee before the other next man leaves for his run.

1) Overhead press (15) – modification is squat

2) Bent over row (15)

3) top half curls (15)

4) Gumbys* (15)  *Gumbys – Standing exercise holding coupon at side. Lift the coupon by leaning sideways away from the side of the coupon to raise the coupon up and then lower the coupon by bending toward the coupon. Repeato holding coupon in other hand. 

5) KB swings (15)

6) bottom half curls (15)

7) goblet squat (15)

8) coupon jump overs (10)

Thang 2: Skidz called an early Omaha, but only to ask the Pax to line up down the middle of grass race track area.  Separated out by 5 feet between each PAX, each man got into a plank position.  The first man in line then started bear crawl slalom.   We had a large group, and at least 2, maybe 3 “F-you Skidz” were heard in the mumble chatter, or directly said to YHC.

OMAHA was called by YHC around 0550 and asked PAX to help clean up and return blocks and materials to shovel flags and side of building.

Mary: We threw down some Sarpy slammers while counting off.    

Announcements/Prayer Requests, some named, some not, between our PAX and their SKY-Q.

COT: Doppler reflected with the following COT:

So on the 2 hour drive south this morning I was thinking about my COT and saw the red crescent moon and thought it would be a good chance for a science lesson. The sky is blue because more of the shorter wavelengths of light are able to go through our atmosphere so that is what we are able to see the most of. Red light is a longer wavelength, as the light form the sun reflects off the moon and back towards earth the longer wavelengths are less likely to be defused of distance and through our atmosphere which is in part why we see the moon as a red or orange oftentimes.

Just like this morning by having 2 Q’s we both had slightly different wavelengths and ways that we communicated with you. I always try to adjust the way I communicate depending  on my audience but sometimes I don’t do a good job of that. The way my parenting time works is that they spend every other weekend with their mom and I don’t see them for about 5 days. The morning that they were going to be heading back to their Mom’s house they got into a fight while brushing their teeth. I was frustrated and before I even took time to think about what I was doing or saying I yelled at them. They got upset and I spent the rest of the morning, and drive to school apologizing for losing my temper and telling them that I wasn’t mad at them, but they do need to be kind to each other because they can’t fight while brushing their teeth every time. They seemed ok by the time I dropped them off at school and said goodbye. The thing was, I wasn’t. I had to spend the next 5 days knowing that they left my house knowing the last memory they had from our time together was that uncalled for behavior from me. I was on the completely wrong wavelength and they would be stuck with that image of me for the next 5 days.

As you go into your day and your weekend check the wavelength that you are communicating inand make sure it is the one you want.

Skidz  took us out in prayer.


Skidz and Doppler

Postscript: Coffeeteria was enjoyed by several HIM, T-claps for Ferdinand for ensuring Banana Nut was on the menu.  

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