AO: Cornhusker Handicap, Stinson Park, Omaha NE, F3 Omaha

2/01/22, 5:30am, 38degs

Q: Honey Stinger

PAX: 2 Step, Cyclone, Doll Face, Hotdog, E-85, Safe Ride, Brazilian, Toad Stool, Stitches, Fester, Huffy, Icy Hot, Buns of Steel, Cosmo, Skidz, Polaroid, Beta Max, Jack Rabbit, Dome, Beebs, Landsbury, Bovine

5:30am-Greetings, Hugs, Handshakes, Mission Statement, Core Values, No FNGS to be had only salty veterans

Stinger takes off on a solid mosey before circling the PAX up in front of the theatre for WOR which includes: SSHs, Sun Gods/calf raises, high knees, imperial walkers, goof balls (led by Toad Stool which is a fantastic experience), Cherry pickers, Tater Taps and Big Ones. Not one for slowing down Stinger launches right into a set of 15 Bobby Hurleys followed by 15 monkey humpers IC. After that it was to the ground for ATMs. Alt Shld Taps-12IC, Tempo Merkins-12IC and Merkins-12. Stinger immediately gets the PAX off the ground, grabs the ghetto blaster and leads the PAX on a short mosey to the base of the steps at the Inner Rail food court. PAX is instructed to partner up for a short and simple grinder. One partner hops up the wooden steps then runs the rest of the way while his partner does AMRAP merkins on the first round and then AMRAP Air squats for round two. Rinse and repeat. After about 5 min Stinger says time to move and the PAX takes off on yet another brisk mosey towards the the Stinson Prairie statue.

Once at the benches the PAX is informed to find space for Step Ups-15IC, Dips-15 and Derkins-15. 2 rounds are performed at lighting speed and mumble chatter can be heard. Stinger leads the PAX on yet another high speed chase and the PAX fears he is heading towards the wall. It’s truth! He is

PAX finds their partners for 6 wall jumps while their partner does AMRAP SSHs, after 6 wall jumps the parters switch. Round 2 consists of wall jumps and AMRAPs Seal Claps. After 5 min Stinger reads the PAX. The story tells of exhaustion and Stinger makes the call to move on ty the the 5 station of the day.

Stinger has a grinder set up at mid field for the partners. One partner is instructed to run to the stage, jump up and do 10 squat jumps. If you feel like singing a couple lines of a classic tune feel free. Not many people sang BTW;) The other PAXman stayed behind to do a cumulative count of Werkins-100, LBCs-100IC, Cherry Pickers-100IC, Bobby Hurleys-50 and MTN Climbers-100IC. At 6:05 Omaha was Called and the battered band of horseman returned to the shovel flag for 6MM

6MM: Heel touches-12IC, Low Dollys-20, Pickle Pushers-10IC, Grinders-10, Pickle pushers-5IC, Grinders-10. Omaha

Announcements-First Friday lunch at Flagship this week. Heal up Patton

Prayers: that’s between the PAX and the Sky Q

COT: “Everyone is necessarily the hero of their own story” -Unknown. I love the Glue-oom Podcasts and Between 2 Coupons because I love the PAX and the F3 Story. It’s really a great story! Man who knows no one come to town (Weight Time) starts a group that not many are involved. 4 years later, 1500 HIM are involved, I wont ramble. But I also love the Podcasts because it reminds that I write my own and am in charge of my own story. I get to write it, control the narrative. Will there be obstacles, sure. But for the most part I control what goes into my story. If you don’t like your story, change it PAX. Write a story for yourself that you want to write. A story of adventure and passion. Think about your story this week, that’s my ask of you. How do you want it to read. As always I am and will remain, your most humble corespondent.


H.S Stinger

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