AO – The Brickyard – NOT THE COMBINE

Q – Ketchup

PAX – Sasquash, Duracell, Double Dip, Polaroid, Super Host, Ice T, Huffy, Fine Print, Tonight Show, Stella, Folsom, Chucky, Rancid, Cheapseats, Bloodshot

The Q promptly called a start to the morning at 5:30 AM, introduced himself and then immediately announced incorrectly that this is the Combine…Site Q Huffy (aka Coupon Van Gogh) was Johnny on the spot to chastise the Q and threatened to remove him from the premises.   Q apologized profusely and was granted an opportunity to redeem himself.  Q then went on to explain the following:  F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.  F3 exists to plant serve and grow small work out groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  F3 has five core principles which the Q recited in the incorrect order – we are open to all men, we are free of charge, we always meet outside, we are led in a rotating fashion and we always end in a circle of trust.  It was also at this point the Q mentioned that here at the here at THE BRICKYARD (NOT THE COMBINE) we never leave a man behind but we will never leave a man where we found him.  There were no FNG’s so the Q failed to mention that all PAX members should modify as necessary, but the liability statement was uttered prior to breaking bread at coffeteria so we still achieved the primary objective of indemnification.  It should also not go unnoted that prior to the beatdown, the Q made a comment that this workout was not intended to be difficult and more of a warm up to the CSAUP occurring less than 24 hours later…more on that later.  

We then set off on a Mosey the long way around the park to the Obelisk (Large Pillar, Monolith, Beacon of Stinson for those that don’t know what an Obelisk is) for Warm-a-Rama where we completed the following:

Tappy Taps – 10 IC

Michael Phelps – 10 IC

Big Ones – 10 IC

Plea Squats – 10 IC

Groin Stretches – 10 IC

Once done with Warm-a-Rama we ran the long way back around the park to the benches near 67th street for the Pre-Thang where we completed two rounds of the following:

Pre Thang

Dips – 20

Step Ups – 20 – 10 Each Side

Derkins – 20

Derkins proved to be too much for the Q so he asked other PAX members to take over the count so as to not get in the way of breathing. 

Once done with the Pre-Thang we moseyed to grab coupons, counted off into 4 groups of 4 and then moseyed to the field in front of the stage for The Thang:


4 cones were set up 15 yards apart.  Each cone (except 4) had 3 exercises listed.  PAX were instructed to complete the exercise at each cone before moving to the next cone and to rifle carry the coupon as they moved from cone to cone.  Once at cone 4, PAX were instructed to run an entire lap around the park back to Cone 4 and then work their way back through to Cone 1.  Onceback at Cone 1, run a lap and work back through to Cone 4.  This was repeated until Omaha was called which, based on commentary and side eye I was getting came later than most thought it should have.  Numerically it looked like this:

1, 2, 3, 4 – run a lap

4, 3, 2, 1 – run a lap

Complete exercises at each cone – Rifle carry between cones – Rinse and Repeat until Omaha is called

Station exercises and rep counts were as follows:

Station 1 

Squats – 15

Block Thrusters – 15

Lunges – 10 Each Side

Station 2 

Curls – 15

Tricep Extension – 15

Overhead Press – 15

Station 3 

Big Boy SU with Block – 15

Rosalitas with block press – 15

Kettle Bell Swings – 15

Station 4 

Blockies – 5

6 MoM

We circled back up at the flags for Mary which we kicked off with one of the Q’s favorite…a number that Fine Print laughs at and Chuck can only dream about – 6 inches.  

Following 6 inches we completed American Hammers Rancid Style.  


Announcements were slim other than the Q was a liar in the degree of difficulty of what we had just completed, and the Q agreed he may have outkicked his coverage.  Also…the CSAUP is tomorrow so sign up.  Tonight Show gave instructions on locations, time, where to park and that is about it.  Deservedly – considerable attention was given to the two new coupons created by Coupon Van Gogh for Chucky, Cheapseats and KOA (no-show).  

Once done with announcements Q got into his COT which was admittedly unscripted. Regardless, he drew from the past week and recognizing his lack of patience and tolerance for having to teach to younger staff at work. He found himself growing irritated and unwilling to spend the time to slow down and show others the same attention and grace he was shown when he was at that point in his career. The expectation to just know how to do things and not taking the time to explain and/or work with those trying to learn is a disservice to them and to himself as new people come on and are trying to learn. A little patience, grace and understanding can go a long way in making someone’s day and keeping that in mind while working with others is an important skill to continue to work on. Q then asked Chucky to pray us out.

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