Weather: Standard Omaha Cold but tolerable

Pax: Safe Ride, Cosmo, Vanilla Ice, Rosetta, Wentworth, Roll Bar, Tater Tot, Speed Square, Space Bar, Samples, Safe Ride, Hoser, Black Lung, Edison, The Big One, Honey Maid

Q: Gunner

The pax gathered at the Battlefield shovel flag. I knocked out the formalities of citing the F3 Mission Statement, F3’s Five Core Principles and injury disclaimer. There were no FNGs so we got right to a casual mosey around the track.


Was conducted at the metal bleachers area. Four pax did a “lap” around the stadium steps while the remaining pax AMRAP these exercises

  1. Weed Pullers
  2. Hairy Rockettes
  3. Step Ups
  4. High Knees
  5. Calf Raises
  6. SSH


Gathered at the middle of the field and circled up and performed Supermans-

10 counts..10 Count on…10 count off

The Thang

While staying at the center circle, Four pax when for a half a lap around the track while the remaining pax AMRAP these exercises

  1. Sumo Squats
  2. Morrocan Night Club
  3. Slow Pitch Swimmers
  4. LBCs
  5. Jump Rope
  6. Alarm Clocks
  7. Groiners
  8. LBCs
  9. Air Squats
  10. Yoga Toe Touches
  11. Seal Claps
  12. LBCs
  13. Peter Parkers
  14. Bobby Hurleys
  15. Chilcutt
  16. LBCs
  17. Mountain Man Poopers
  18. Imperial Walkers
  19. Monkey Humpers


3 Sets of 10 each in succession

Heals to heaven-Inverted Toe Taps-WW I situps


CSAUP and Blood Drive sign up on Third F channel


Maid a “challenge” request to push the Pax to donate $3 in the last 48 hours for the Boys Town basketball goal.

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