Tuesday, 1/25/2022, Something like 5°, -3 real feel

Pax = #13; Two Step, Rancid, Honey Stinger, Bloodshot, Hotdog, Tin Cup, Landsbury, Grass Roots, Ice Tea, Vanilla Ice, Black Lung, Splinter, Paramount

Q: Two Step
0530: Q welcomed PAX at the Shovel Flags, stated the mission, listed the circlical core principles including with props to Gunner that because we are more than a workout group, we would end in a “cot”, and disclaimed his lack of professonalism and the risk of injury.

Short Mosey to the circle drop-off/turn-a-round at the north end of the parking lot along the west/back side of the visitor grandstand/pressbox.

Warm O’ Rama:
Tappy Taps
Tater Taps
Monkey Humpers
Big Ones
Sungods, fwd and bkwd
Cherry Pickers
Shoulder Presses
Overhead Claps
Jump Tucks

Mosey: prepping for CSAUP, southward through the lot between the football and baseball fields to the joining street, east to the street along the east side of the football field, and back through the main school lot and into the track, circling it until the six got in, then circling up at center of football field.

Motivators, from 6

Thangs: Partner up. Q asked Tin Cup to pick burpees or merkins.
Thang 1 – Santa’s Ladder, run = sideline to sideline. 10 burpees, run. 9 burpees, run. 8 burpees, run. 7 burpees, run. 6 burpees, run. 5 merkins, run. 4 merkins, run. 3 merkins, run. 2 merkins, run. 1 merkin, HALT.
finished groups pick up a 6 group and all finish together.
Reverse: 10 merkins, run. 9 merkins…, 5 burpees, run. 4 burpees,… 1 burpee. finished groups pick up 6.

Tnang 2 – 11’s, run only to middle of field. Alternating shoulder taps and air squats.

Circle up midfield

Post-thang: Irish Two Steps, counting round the pax. Q demonstrated for the ITS virgins, we made it all the way around through thirteen cadences.

Flutter Kicks
Big Boy Situps
Rancid Hammers

Name-o-rama: got done.


  1. CSAUP: 3rd F is supporting the building of basketball goals around boys-town.
    Prayer Requests:
  2. none

Thank you for the opportunity to lead you guys today, and to follow you every other.
This may not resonate with everyone, hopefully at least someone other than me. There is an adage about an F3 COT that that commonly the best message to give is the one you need to hear for yourself. So here I go, for me at least…
This is paraphrased, a lot, but holds true to what got out in the gloom.

I used to envy the “hard times” people often mention from a podium while they accept an honor or acknowledge a milestone. They usually extol support from their partners, claiming the whole thing wasn’t easy. “She put up with me,” they’d say.
And I’d be like, yeah, i bet that was real miserable, suffering to get by with all that mojo and brilliance and whatever other ability to do whatever it took to get honored here. I’d actually be honored to have a little piece of your suffering. Their partner would smile and i could tell they were invisibly winking and nudging each other about those times, and hidden from the rest of us, how cute they must have been through it all.

I couldn’t wait until some day when i had my own family and i got to go through those “hard times” with my spouse. Of course, I’d be in love, and my plan for love accepted maybe we’ll get mad at each other, but never “mad” mad.
It wold be like “hey you need to help me put the kids to bed before you take out the trash, you darling little rascal! wait till i get my hands on you, (wink/nudge)”.
Same with the kids, right? I was going to be such a good dad, “hey it’s cold af out there so you need to put on a coat baby girl” and she’ll be like, “ugh, Dad no, really?” but later, “omg you’re brilliant, thanks for saving me!”
Yeah, I couldn’t wait for those “hard times”.

Then i got what i was waiting for. Fell in love, married up even, way up. Got two beautiful girls, because i married up. Still in love, and always loving on my 2.0s. But i’ve got to tell you, nobody thinks you’re cute when you take out the trash at the kids’ bedtime. And once somebody is a grown ass 5 years old and you keep trying to run their lives, you are dead to them.

If you don’t have enough mojo to have already figured those things out, and your family has to help you learn, well that’s hard times, bro. Hard enough that your own lack of maturity and insight may compound the matters. Even a HIM who seems a real good fellow in the gloom may say or do things that he really wouldn’t want other pax to know about. Just sayin’

So, this is my long way of telling you life is hard. Just like those people claim when they speak from behind those podiums. Believe them. But what can you do about it?
Well, one thing to consider is to never stop giving your family opportunities to grow and make memories. Nothing about it needs to be perfect, just keep doing things together.

My phone does this magical Apple thing where it curates our photos and makes a slide-show to peruse when killing time. The other day it showed a pic of my two daughters and me. We were sitting on a boulder along a trail in Rocky Mountain National Park. Just a perfect pic right there. My M and I have taken our kids to a lot of really cool places. For some of those trips we’ve been asked if we were seriously taking the kids with us, “won’t that be hard?” And we’ve always said “yeah, of course, but life is hard. Sometimes it’s a shit show, honestly. But that misery is as likely to be there if we are at home as it is if we are somewhere spectacular. So why not be somewhere spectacular?”
I realize that may not make as much sense to everybody else, but it has worked for us.

You see, I remember that day on the trail in RMNP well. It was colder than we’d planned. And windy. You can tell by how the girls’ hair is flowing straight back off their heads in the pic. I can also remember that day was a classic shit-show for our family. None of the details remain, but i’m sure there was complaining, arguing, accusing, stonewalling, maybe even biting and kicking, and nothing cute about it.
But I’ve got evidence at least a part of it was spent following the most important people in my life along that spectacular trail. And now looking back, i could really not care less about any of the misery. In fact, i would give anything to go back to that very day, relive it all, just to take that pic, for an instant. Because when I got to see it the other day, my heart melted.

And that, i think is the acknowledgment of the podium people, winking to their partners in the audience about how difficult life is. They probably aren’t kidding. But in the end, when you get to look back on it, just the one fleeting moment of joy and spectacular can overwhelm the misery in your memory.
So keep going, no matter how real the negativity, keep trying. Take whatever opportunity you can get to make a grand moment, and don’t fret how hard it may be to get there.

Because someday either you’ll be standing at a podium having to think about how you got there, or somebody will show you a pic of even just a flashing moment of a shitty day and you can nod and wink at your own partner, and you’ll both know what all of it means.

I realize this is big on family, and that isn’t the current situation for everybody, but my hope is that whatever relationships you’ve got, whatever form your life takes, you will take whatever opportunities to make whatever moments you can, no matter how hard it is to get there.


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