Conditions: 24°, 7 mph wind

PAX (15): Blades of Glory, Gator, Barn Door, Sasquash, Mufasa, Yodel, Superhost, Cheap
Seats, Phantom (Menace), Hard Hat, Tonight Show, Da-Kine, Painkiller, Barber Shop, Obi-Wan

Q: Obi-Wan

Obi-Wan welcomed the PAX to F3 at 5:30 AM. What F3 stands for, the F3 mission, F3 credo and
our five core principles were cited to the PAX followed by the disclaimer (modify as needed). No
FNG’s in attendance. Mosey to the basketball court for Warm-o-rama!

15 – Imperial Walkers IC
10 – Tappy Taps IC
14 – Windmills IC
10 – Big Ones IC
10 – Sungods (forward) IC
10 – Sungods (reverse) IC
15 – Side Straddle Hops IC

After Warm-o-rama it was explained we’d be performing a chain run where the last PAX in the
chain does 3 merkins and then runs to the front of the chain. From the basketball court we went
a couple blocks into the neighborhood where we found C street and took a right continuing the
chain run until we came to a round-a-bout. Here the PAX circled up and did 20 merkins. We
continued the chain run until Cleveland Blvd. and took another right towards the speed bump at
the bottom of the hill. As we reached the speed bump, there were a couple lights setup on either
side which meant we were ready for The Thang.

The Thang:
The Q setup 5 total locations marked with lights in the field that seemed slightly foreign to The
Maize. It was like discovering a new territory! At each light (other than the ‘start’) 2 exercises
were shown on a piece of paper. The PAX were asked to partner up and this would be a relay
with their partner. Partner one would jog to the first light while partner two stayed at the speed
bump and performed 10 merkins. When partner one got to the first light they performed the
exercises on the sheet AMRAP until the other partner tagged them and then partner one ran to
the next light. Partner two stayed at that light and performed 10 of the exercise on the sheet. So
on and so forth until partner one and two were back at the speed bump. Flapjack and repeat.
After a couple lights the Q noticed the group of partner ones were not able enjoy their AMRAP
exercises for very long and extended the exercise partner two performed to 15 each. Soooooooo
after a couple more lights it was decided by the Q to perform 20 each before heading to the next
light which seemed to be just the right timing!

Speed Bump


Light #1


Light #2

Ranger Merkins

Light #3

Diamond Merkins
Heels to Heaven

Light #4

Tempo Merkins
Big Boys

Omaha was called and mosey back to the shovel flags.

Back at the shovel flags the PAX lined up along the sidewalk, facing the row of parked cars. It
was Inchworm time! The exercise was demonstrated by the Q for those that had not had the
privilege of experience the Inchworms yet. As this exercise was performed the Q was reminded
of Ketchup expressing his love for this exercise at the Dragon’s Lair, love it! For our final Mary
move we performed American Hammers – Rancid Style (15).

CSAUP – January 29th Raising funds for Boys Town for installation of new basketball hoops,
start time is 5:30, please enter from the South or North, donations for food are be accepted as
End of February poker tournament, open to F3 on the last Saturday of February, more details to

Only silent prayers this morning

I grew up a huge Michael Jordan fan and was excited when ‘The Last Dance’ documentary was
released. I’ve watched it 3-4 times and just great to see behind the scenes of Michael Jordan
and the Bulls dynasty throughout Jordan’s time there. Michael Jordan was a fierce competitor at
the highest level and this documentary showcased it like never seen before. One clip in the
documentary stuck out to me though each time I watched it. In the last episode there’s a time
when an author (whom Phantom reminded me was actually Jordan’s trainer) talks about
Michael’s greatest asset was his ability to be present. Most people project the past into the
future, meaning we think of times we failed and think we may fail again when in reality if we live in
the present we give ourselves the opportunity to succeed. Being present can be applied to our
families, work and in the Gloom so work on being present and living in the moment!

Tonight Show took us out with a prayer.


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