PAX (15): Duracell, Overtime, Schrute, Tony The Tiger, Nelly, Skidz, Animal House, Oblivious, Supe, Shingles, Ferdinand, Legolas, Escobar, High Life, Mulch

QIC: Mulch

PRERUNNERS (6): Skidz, Escobar, Tony The Tiger, Schrute, High Life, Animal House

I welcomed the PAX to the Steel Mill at 5:30. We went through the Mission Statement, 5 Core Principles, Motto and Disclaimer.

We had no FNGs today.

We moseyed to Swole Island with our dumbells for Warm ARama.


SSH IC x 15

Big Ones IC x 10

Tappy Taps IC x 10 

Cherry Pickers IC x 10

Sun Gods Forward IC x 10

Sun Gods Backward IC x 10

We moseyed back to the shelter for the thang. We left our dumbells at Swole Island for Station 2.


We split into 3 groups of 5. Group 1 started at the shelter, Station 1, group 2 started at Swole Island, Station 2, group 3 wasthe push group. To start, group 3 moseyed to Swole Island with group 2 then moseyed back to push group 1. Exercises were performed AMRAP till pushed. We made it through the list oncebefore Omaha was called.

Station 1:


Captain Thors

Wall Sits


Abyss Merkins


Station 2:


Shoulder Presses

Upright Rows

Goblet Squats

Big Boy Situps

Tricep Extensions

Omaha was called at 6:05 and we moseyed back to the shelter for Mary.


Heels to Heaven IC x 10

Flutter Kicks IC x 10 

Frozen Freddies IC x 10

Sarpy Slammers IC x



PRAYER REQUESTS: Prayer for everyone that has been affected by Covid.

COT: I shared an excerpt from the book The Power of Positive Leadership

“No matter what anyone says, just show up and do the work.

If they praise you, show up and do the work.

If they criticize you, show up and do the work.

If no one even notices you, show up and do the work. 

Just keep showing up, doing the work and leading the way. 

Lead with passion. 

Fuel with optimism.

Have faith.

Power up with love.

Maintain hope.

Be stubborn.

Fight the good fight.

Refuse to give up.

Ignore the critics.

Believe in the impossible.

Show up.

Do the work.

You will be glad you did.

True grit leads to true success.”

Duracell led us out in prayer. 

The Sarpy Swole award was proudly presented to Legolas. He pushed hard and never gave up. 


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