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14 PAX:  Theraband, Nailed It, Birdman, Pantyhose, Skipper, Al Borland, Truly, House Party, Doppler, Toto, Short Sale, Lite Brite, Slapshot, T-Ball

Q: T-Ball 

12 PAX (with 2 more late arrivals due to 5:15 start time) arrived to hear the F3 core principles, mission statement, motto, and Credo, as well as exercise disclaimer.  No new FNGs were present.  Focus of today’s beatdown was to use to steep neighborhood hill to work on pushing through the elevation change.  We were split into 4 even teams of 3 HIM and each group proceeded to grab 1 coupon to share.  Proceeded to mosey with coupon for Warm-o-rama.

Warm-o-rama proceeded across 168th street toward the neighborhood to the west down the road to the lake parking lot.  We stopped at first intersection and performed 20 SSH ICfollowed by 12 Tappy Taps IC with slower cadence.  Secondmember of each team then grabbed their coupon and proceeded to mosey down to the next intersection.  Second part of WOR was performed, doing 15 Imperial Walkers IC, followed by 30 seconds of Downward dog, followed by 30 seconds of Upward dog.  3rd member of each team then proceeded to grab coupon and mosey down to last light before lake parking lot.  We performed the Wait Time Lunge/forward knee down/Yoga stretch pose on both sides before concluding WOR.  Coupons were left in this spot for the Thang and we proceeded to mosey without these to the lake parking lot.

Pre-Thang involved each 3 man team splitting into 2 stations and having a runner between the groups (with the 2 stations at opposing ends of the parking lot).  Exercises at each station were AMRAP:

Station 1:• Alternating Lunges• Merkins• Frozen Freddies• Carolina Dry Docks


Station 2: • Groiners• LBCs• Bobby Hurleys• Werkins

Nearly all exercises were completed by the groups before Omaha was called on the Pre-Thang.  We then moseyed back to the steep hill for a 3 man grinder for The Thang.

Station 1 was at the bottom of the hill, performing exercises, while the second member was performing walking lunges up the steep hill with coupon to a second cone.  Once they reached the cone, performed 5 coupon squat presses, then proceeded to riflecarry up the rest of the hill to their 3rd team member at station 2.  The partner at the top of the hill then would take the coupon and perform the rifle carry, squat presses, and walking lunges back down the hill until they reached their partner from their 3 man team and would continue the cycle.

Station 1 Exercises:  • 20 Air Squats• 20 Merkins• 20 Big Boys• 20 Gator Spears/Nolan Ryans (10 each side IC)• 5 burpees • Rinse and Repeat

Station 2 Exercises:  • 20 Sumo Squats IC• 20 Flutter Kicks IC• 20 Ranger Merkins • 30 sec Plank/30 sec Chillcut• 20 Monkey Humpers IC• Rinse and Repeat

Omaha was called at 5:48 am due to the longer coupon mosey back to the shovel flags.  Once mosey completed, we circled up for 6 MOM.  PAX called out favorite Mary exercises and we proceeded to complete 15 Boxcutters IC, 15 Freddie Mercuries IC, and 15 Flutter Kicks.

Name-o-Rama completed, at which point we realized we picked up 2 brothers in the gloom who were late to arrive due to 5:15 am start, but were equally sweaty and worked over!  Nice work fellas!


Offered up prayers for Short Sale’s nephew Cody, who was found deceased.

CSAUP this Saturday 1/29/22!  Encouraged PAX to attend and to consider donating to Boys Town Basketball hoop fundraiser—continuing to collect donations to donate at least 1 hoop on F3’s behalf to the housing units at Boys Town.  Retweet collecting donations as are other PAX—check Slack for more details regarding this and parking information

Polar plunge—Toto discussed and details available both on Slack as well as Berm Twitter page

Prayers for Al Borland’s friend who lost an uncle.

Circle of Trust:

As I have continued to gather in the gloom with my brothers, I am constantly inspired by the COTs I hear.  The vulnerability, humanness, difficulties, challenges, and openness that are shared really start my day with a big dose of humility, thankfulness, and appreciation for all of those in my life and those I get to share F3 with.  I have recently been reading a book by Matthew Kelly titled “Life is Messy”.  More true words have never been spoken.  I am a fan of books that grab your attention within the first few pages and this book does it immediately.  There is a part of this book which talked about our brokenness as people.  In our culture, we don’t value broken items.  We throw them away.  We discard them.  They dirty our lives.  They clutter and create chaos, so they are discarded or packed away so we can continue to live this illusion that our lives are neat and perfect.  They are not.  The Japanese have a ceramic art form known as Kintsugi, which ceramic artists will gather up broken dishes/vases/etc and carefully reconstruct the item using glue.  The wonderful difference is that they use gold dust with theglue so that it will accentuate the defects, cracks, faults, and imperfections of the affected item to make it more beautiful, unique, and special than it ever was before it was broken.  Can you think of a better description of what we go through each morning with our F3 brothers?  We are all broken.  We may have relationship issues, addiction issues, issues with coworkers, neighbors, a boss, you name it.  We leave our COT and that may be the best part of our day.  Life happens.  We slowly get chipped away at and broken.  Let us think like artisans who practice Kintsugi and help put each other and ourselves back together.  To make each other a more beautiful, better version of ourselves due to our imperfections and brokenness, not in spite of it.  Thank you all for allowing me to bring my broken self to the gloom every morning for repair and for embracing the brokenness of your other brothers and I. Keep your glue and gold dust at the ready as you’ll never know who needs it. Love you guys!



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