AO: Heavy Metal, 1/26/22, Stinson Park, Omaha NE, 5:30am

Q: Honey Stinger

PAX: Folsom, Safe Ride, Stella, Bloodshot, Wentworth, Brazilian, Milo, Q-Tip, Doll Face, Saul, Sportiva, TC, Gunner, Sawblade, Golden Pike, Bovine, Edison, Spacebar, Zebo, Black Flag, Rancid, welcome FNGs Buffalo Bill and Saddle Creek

5:30am: greeting, hugs/handshakes, core principals mission statement. Welcome FNGs Nick and Peter.

Stinger explains to the PAX that its too damn cold to stay stationary for very long today and takes off on a salty paced mosey to get the PAX moving. Upon return Stinger launches into his usual faced paced WOR that feels more full speed than warm up. WOR consists of SSHs-12IC, Imperial walkers-12IC, Sun Gods with calf raise 10IC each direction, High Knees-12IC, Mountain Climbers-12IC, Cherry Pickers-12IC, Seal Claps-12, and then moves right into a pre pre thang that includes 15 Bobby Hurleys, Monkey Humpers-15IC, Alternating shoulder taps-15IC, tempo merkins-15IC, merkins-15.

After the ATM onslaught, Stinger lines the PAX up for a series of 11 weight based exercises that are designed to be fast paced. After the 11 exercises the PAX is informed that they will “keep warm” with an aerobic exercise yet to be determined. The following exercises were performed before running to the corner hill

  • Shoulder Press-12
  • Curls-12
  • Goblet squats-12
  • Calf raises-12
  • Chest press-12
  • Chest Flys-12
  • Single Leg Lunges-12
  • Jump Squats-12
  • Triceps extension -12
  • Bent over Rows -12
  • Big Boy sit ups-12


  • RUN TO Hill !!!!! RUN to TOP return for Merkins and AIR SQUATS

2 rounds of 11s were completed before Omaha was called at 6:05am.

6MM-Flutter Kicks-12IC, Low Dollys (Waffle House Respect)-15, Heal touches-15IC, Heel to Heaven-12IC, Freddy Mercurys-12IC, American Hammer Rancid Style-24IC


  • COT
  • If you ask me and my M what one of our number one concerns are when it comes to parenting it would be raising bratty, no work ethic, entitled children. Kids that don’t know how to work, or grind, have everything handed to them and coddled. Kids that can’t survive on their own.
  • Pearl Jam, who you heard a couple times was inducted into the RR Hall of fame in 2017. They formed 1989, 28 years earlier. Eddie Vedder was working at a San Diego gas station when they found him and he slept in the bands rehearsal studio which was also a photographers dark room when he moved to Seattle. Their first gig was at a dumpy bar called El Corazon, not Madison square or Wembley. A couple years later they wrote the album 10, which went on to stay in the top 200 for 5 years. They sold 85 million albums
  • I guess what I’m trying to say is that greatness has to be earned and grinded out. It doesn’t just happen. As HIM we need to set that example and its not always popular or cool. It’s hard to be the cool fun dad when you lay down the law that chores need to be done and limits need to be made. Remember character is built when people hear the word yes, but also when they hear NO!

I am humbled and privileged to lead today. The Stinger is, and always will remain, your most humble correspondent. SYITG

H.S. Stinger









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