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Temperature 5 degrees. Real feel -2. Clear skies. Slight wind.

PAX– Wait Time, Chiclets, Q-Tip, Spacebar, Tater Tot, Slow Pitch, Firewalker, Blanks, Room Service, Lite Brite, Grease Fire, Khakis, Brazilian, Wentworth, Skeet, Icy Hot, Arm Bra, Barndoor, Skipper, Convoy, Saul

Q: Roadhouse

I woke up excited and a little nervous. Almost felt like a VQ in some ways. As I got dressed in my 7-10 layers of clothing, I started reflecting on the day. It was my two-year anniversary with F3 Omaha and that was hard to believe. A lot has happened in that time, but it also felt like just last week that I got emotionally head locked into my first beatdown.

I remember that morning so vividly. It reminded me of the scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day off when Cameron is in the car to go to Ferris’, and he keeps going back and forth. I’ll go. I won’t go. I’ll go. I won’t go. Eventually I decided to go, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I pulled into the parking lot about 5:04. There was a spattering of cars as a handful of pre-runners had just taken off for their mosey. Tater Tot had planted his flag in a snowbank off the parking lot and I was so happy to see this because the last few weeks I have really struggled to get the shovel flag into the frozen earth… I thrusted the flag into the snow pile and headed back to my car. This proved to be some foreshadowing as this was one not the last “thrust” of the day.  

It was at this point when I made the worst decision of my day. Months ago, I had this wild idea that for my anniversary workout I should wear a weight vest with the amount of weight I had lost in those two years. The total was 30 pounds. It sounded like a cool idea. It was NOT!

I hoisted the vest onto my shoulders and strapped in. It wasn’t too bad.  Little did I know that hours later I would be dictating this backblast to my secretary to type as I have zero use of my extremities right now.

As the clock hit 5:30 there were 21 men standing in a circle around me and as I looked around at the group, I could not help but smile. These were some of my brothers, the reason I had hung around for two years, my family.

I walked through the classic introduction including the 3 Fs, the five core principles and the mission. I let the group know that it was my 2-year anniversary and I thanked them for joining me on this special morning. That announcement was met with a raucous response; cheers, howls and woots. At least that I how it sounded in my head.

And with that we moseyed to the parking lot in the Northwest corner of the Trident. Three steps into the mosey, the 30-pound vest felt like a 400-pound hippopotamus on my back. Yikes, this was going to be a long workout. We got to the lot and circled up for Warm-a-rama.


SSH- 20 IC

Big Ones 15 IC – In honor of my man Big One. We missed you this morning brother.

Tater Taps 15 IC

Calf Raises 15 IC

Cherry Pickers 15 IC

After WAR, we moseyed down to the Centris parking lot. We circled up and it was time to honor the man who brought me to F3. That man was Wait Time. He worked on me for months and never pressured me but always said he thought I would enjoy it. I kept telling him I wasn’t in shape and needed to get in better shape before I came out. He insisted I was good and could do this. He believed in me. More than I believed in myself. And the rest of the story wrote itself.

Wait Time’s go-to is the Steinl but I couldn’t do a traditional Steinl. I had to sex it up. So instead of the Amazing Spidermans, we did Pickle Pushers. More thrusting. I called out for volunteers as we rolled through the exercises. Did mention that I was wearing a 30-pound vest. It was pulling me to the ground as I struggled to stay in position. I may or may not have cut the Steinl early… MODIFY!!


Plank x 30 | Chilcutt x 30 | Merkins x 10 | Pickle Pushers X10 | Merkins x 10

Plank x 30 | Chilcutt x 30 | Merkins x 10 | Pickle Pushers X10 | Merkins x 10

We wrapped up the Steinl and moseyed to Abraham’s Bridge. We counted off into three groups and I explained the Thang. It consisted of three stations. A leg station was the push group. The other two were a Merkin mania station and a baby making station (even more thrusting). We all moseyed to our starting stations and got to work.

THE THANG: Abraham’s Bridge          

3 stations:

Merkin Mania:

20 Merkins

20 Werkins

20 Ranger Merkins

20 Chuck Norris Merkins  

Legs: Push Group

15 Air Squats

15 Bonnie Blairs

15 Copperheads

15 Calf Raises

Baby Making Station:

20 Pickle Pointers

20 Pickle Pushers

20 Monkey Humpers

20 Oh Yeahs 

At 6:00 AM I called Omaha and we started our mosey back to the flags. My good friend Firewalker ran with me. I have not seen him in a long time, and it was an absolute joy to breathe in the cold air together as we moseyed.

We got back to the flags and circled up for some Mary.


20 Starfish Crunches

22 Hammers Rancid Style

The workout was over. While my whole body ached from the beatdown and the weight of the vest, my heart was full of love and appreciation for this group.


My phone had 1% battery left so I borrowed Tater’s phone to do it. Thank you tater tot! The lighting wasn’t great but it gave it that Wild Kingdom feel…


CSAUP this weekend. GO!!


Those silent in our hearts.


About a month ago, I took my son Bodhi to see his first movie and it was an amazing experience for several reasons. Taking my son to his first movie was so fun. We also committed our first father-son misdemeanor as we stole a box of MnMs. The movie was Encanto and if you haven’t yet seen it, put it on your list.

The story is about the Madrigal family and each member of the family has a magical gift. Strength, beauty, the ability to heal or talk to animals. Each person has a unique special gift. Except Mirabel. She doesn’t have a gift and most of the movie is centered around this and her desire to be special and have a gift of her own.

This made me think a lot about F3 Omaha. When I first showed up, I couldn’t help but notice everyone’s gifts, their talents. It was remarkable and a little intimidating. Wait Time had this gift of leadership and people followed him. Tater Tot had this welcoming smile and an even more welcoming personality. Arm Bar and Hard Hat had these incredible beards that would make the Spartan Army jealous. And then I heard Slow Pitch’s first COT. His gift was vulnerability and truth and just being this incredible human being. Then I saw Chiclets with his shirt off and we all know what that gift looks like… MY god!

When you find yourself in a group of incredibly talented and magical men, you start to wonder what you bring and how you measure up. You start to worry that aren’t enough and that you might not be worthy of such a group. And then in f3 Omaha, something remarkable happens. You realize that you don’t need to bring magic or something no one else had. All you have to bring is you. Just you. All of you!

For me, it meant everything. To be welcomed and never judged. To be loved for all that I bring to the table. The good, the bad and the ugly. This group has given me something I have always sought but never found; a sense of belonging and a place that I could just be me. All of me.

I cannot thank you enough for all that you have given me. Every single one of you has impacted me in a tremendous way and I am better because of you. I am better because of F3 Omaha.

I love you brothers! I love you all!

Our brother Tater Tot took us out in prayer…

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