25 January 2022

AO: Helix

Weather: Crisp, Temp: 6° F, Wind chill: -2° F

Pre-run (5): Toto, TC (Respect), Truly, Slapshot, Pantyhose

PAX (9): Truly, Toto, LPC, Slapshot, Slow Clap (Respect), TC (Respect), Al Borland, House Party, Pantyhose

QIC: Pantyhose

YHC pulled into the AO at 0445 for the 0500 prerun, looking forward to a slight modification to the Helix Prerun route…on account of the CSAUP training workout that was about to ensue.

Flag planted (in a bucket of sand) and a few “extra” supplies for the Prerun. The PAX was unaware, but today’s beatdown was not going to take place at the pristine grounds of The Helix. We were headed on a string-o-pearls, or Paradise Island inspired, type workout to Standing Bear Lake. The setup was going to be straightforward…dropping 4 lights/cones along the prerun route at about every ½ mile. Pantyhose dropped what would be the 5th and final cone after getting to the parking lot. A solid prerun crew formed and were off.

Prerun crew arrived back at the shovel flag at 0525 to see another 5-6 HIM gathering near the flags.

YHC welcomed the PAX at 0530 recited the 3F’s, mission statement, five core principals, and disclaimer. Pantyhose welcomed the crew to the second and final session of Pantyhose CSAUP training (more to come). We will be moving a lot today, so be cognizant of the 6. Pantyhose offered a quote, in hopes of providing some motivation before the group departed the flag.

“Do not wish for an easy life. Wish for the strength to endure a difficult one.”

-Bruce Lee

Pantyhose lead the group north out of the parking lot and up the hill towards Fort Street.

The Thang

Today’s beatdown was some ½-mile mosey’s sprinkled in with some exercises. Pantyhose had set cones; one near the Fort Street entrance to the lake, another at the boat ramp, the third along the trail on the south side of the lake, the 4th near 134th and Fort Street, and the last cone (hoping time would allow) was back at Helix on the east side of the school near the playground. The PAX would mosey from the Helix to the first cone, do exercises, mosey to the second cone, do exercises, and so on until returning to Helix.


  • Seal Jacks x 10 IC
  • Pop Squat Twist (PST) x 10 IC
  • Tempo Merkins x 10 IC
  • LPCs x 10 IC

Omaha was called when the PAX finished at the 5th cone near the school and moseyed back to the shovel flag (approximately 0610).


  • American Hammer (Rancid Style) x 9 IC


  • CSAUP this Saturday


  • LPC’s wife is traveling
  • LPC’s uncles daughters (2)
  • Slow Clap’s son, Paul, whose mother is sick


COT today is not the same as last week, but it is related…maybe a long-lost cousin. It’s about being comfortable. I want to read an excerpt from a book I’m currently reading. The book is Life is Messy, by Matthew Kelly. Matthew Kelly is an author, speaker, though leader, amongst many other things. He’s probably best known for developing the concept “the-best-version-of-yourself” concept. I’ve read a number of books by Matthew Kelly and enjoyed all of them. Very easy to read.

The excerpt:

The purpose of comfort is healing, rejuvenation, and renewal. It serves us by providing relief from pain and suffering, easing distress, and helping us transcend experiences. It prepares us to face the challenges and opportunities of life again.

But there is also a dark side to comfort. It is seductive and can easily become a way of life. When comfort becomes the goal of our lives, we begin a debilitating downward spiral. Once we are addicted to comfort, it shifts from strengthening us to weakening us.

Comfort is a beautiful servant, but an ugly master. It is a cunning and wicked tyrant. Little by little it siphons off your soul strength, and you find yourself incapable of facing your daily responsibilities. With your soul strength sapped, you become morally, ethically, and spiritually paralyzed. This paralysis prevents you from standing up for what is good, right, true, and just. At this point you are living for comfort. All you want now is comfort, but no comfort is enough to satisfy you.

If you want to destroy people, make them comfortable. Give them every comfort they desire. Excessive indulgence in comfort always leads to love of comfort, and love of comfort poisons the soul. How? Comfort reduces our ability to hear truth and align our lives with it.

When we hear truth, we have one of two reactions. If we are living the trough we hear, we delight in the splendor of it. If we are not living that truth, we become uncomfortable, because unlived truth is always an invitation to adjust our lives to align with the truth being revealed. Truth can be very uncomfortable, so a lover of comfort closes himself off from it, even the truth that would liberate him from his addiction to comfort.

Comfort also reduces our ability to have difficult conversations with people. It numbs our sense of justice by overwhelming it with self-interest. It gives us a false sense of security, while creating an insatiable dependency. It smothers our curiosity and creativity, and robs us of our very sense of self.

How many people in our culture are addicted to comfort? Perhaps we are all addicted to comfort to varying degrees. We each disguise our illicit relationship with comfort in our own ways. I have an unhealthy relationship with it. It seems I am constantly struggling to find the right balance. I just pray I will continue to struggle to fine the life-giving place for comfort in my life.

Just as life is not meant to be easy, it is not supposed to be comfortable. Be ever vigilant of the role you allow comfort to play in your life. Allow it to serve you in your trials and tribulations, and at the end of a long day of exertion, but do not become a lover of comfort. Comfort will destroy you long before the difficulties of life.



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