Golden Spike

Friday January 21st

Burke High School

2 degrees feels like -8 – cold as hell

I drove up to Spike and was expecting to pre-run by myself but as 4:59 came two cars came speeding up and I was greeted by Lansbury and Dirty Bird.  We had a great conversation about Taco Bell on the pre-run.  It was funny because my COT was about fasting so thought this was apropo.

PAX: Herky, Doggie Paddle, Lansbury, Dirty Bird, Tin Cup, Skeet (Hate), Waterboy, Mother Goose and YHC Cheap Seats

Cheap Seats welcomed 8 HIM to Golden Spike.  Gave the mission statement, disclaimer and Credo. 

The PAX mosyed and did one lap around the Burke track and ended at the south goal line for Warm-o-rama.


We completed Calisthenics

High Knees to the 20 yard line and back

Butt Kicks to the 20 yard line and back

Karaoke to the West 20 yard line and back

Karaoke to the East 20 yard line and back

12 tappy taps IC

12 tator taps IC

12 big ones IC

Pre Thang:  The PAX then moseyed to the bleachers to perform the pre thang.  I’m a big fan of the stairs at Spike.

We grouped in 3 groups of 3.  We bunny hoped on every step to the very top and did 5 one legged burpees, then we ran back down the stairs.  We then did left leg hop on every stair to the top and did 5 one legged burpees and ran back down the stairs.  We then did right leg hop on every stair to the top and did 5 one legged burpees.  The PAX was spent!

Thang: The PAX then moseyd to the far north corner of the stadium and stared up at the long hill that awaited them.

In their groups of 3, 2 of the HIM stayed together and Bernie Sandered up the hill and completed 10 Bonnie Blairs IC and 10 alarm clocks, they then ran down the hill and completed 20 copperhead squats.  They rinse and repeated until their 3rd partner pushed them.

While the above 2 were completing their workout, the 3rd HIM ran halfway around the track to the south end zone.  The completed 4 merkin exercises, 15 merkins, 15 diamond merkins, 15 werkins and 15 chuck Norris merkins.

After they were done they moseyed back to the north end zone to push the other 2 partners and then those 2 partners ran to the south endzone and completed the merkin exercises while the 3rd partner did the Bernie Sanders up the hill work out.  They did this until Omaha was called.


We only had time to complete American Hammers.  Completed rancid style hammers for a total of 27 (3 times around)

Announcements Prayer Request

Discussed CSAUP on January 29th.  Encouraged all PAX to sign up.  Information on Slack.  We discussed Queen Service and to think about all the HIM trying to lose weight.  Sent information to Skeet so he could sign up for CSAUP.

Prayer request continued for all the PAX struggling with COVID.  We prayed for Waterboy and Dirty Bird’s family as they had relatives struggling with different ailments right now.


COT was focused on fasting.  I explained to the PAX that I was going through a program in my church called “Exodus 90” which encourages you to fast from worldly desires such as alcohol, food, social media, TV and sports.

This dove tailed into a story about my 4-year-old son.  I explained to the PAX that ever since I started fasting from my IPHONE and social media my priority shifted to my 4 year son and how we had the best week together playing and being goofy.

Fasting in my life has allowed me to shift my attention to my kids which in turn has made them happier and loving their dad more.  I challenged the PAX on what was holding them back from their priorities that needed attention.  What could they fast from that would make them more impactful at home and at work?  Could they fast from that one or two things for 30, 60 or 90 days?  It’s improved my life and hoping it can have an impact on them. AYE – CHEAP SEATS

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