Wild Kingdom / 25 Jan 2022

14 PAX:, Tee-ball, Mufasa, Escobar, Barbershop, Super Host,  Cheap Seats, Crab Cakes, Oompa, Scoober, Unicycle, Fine Print, Soup, OT

QIC: Doppler

Pulled into the darkest AO in Omaha and was happy to have recently cleaned my car as the bright lights helped cut through the gloom. I pulled into a parking spot near the playground and saw some headlamps in the distance coming back from around the lake. Suddenly there was a blinding bright light in front of me and a horribly orange hoodie. I thought for sure it was Mufasa but after my eyes adjusted to a 17 LED super halogen bulb headlamp I realized it was OT. I was happy to see him because I knew he was a current member of the Bruiser Crew and decided today was a good day to get back into the gloom with his brothers.

Seriously though his headlamp is insane

Started the morning with the classics. Core principles, mission statement, credo, disclaimer, FNG check, today I also added a mention that today was a Bruiser Focused beatdown which meant we would have plenty of modifications available. Checked to see what types of injuries guys were dealing with (a couple knee injuries and a shoulder). It was cold so we didn’t waste any more time standing around.


Took 2 laps around the large circle connecting the parking lots/boat ramp. Non-runners walked 1 lap instead.

Used the grassy area next to the parking lot with the shovel flags.

10 Sun Gods      

10 High Knees (Slow)

10 Tappy Taps

10 Tater Taps

6 Big Ones (extra slow)


11’s at the play ground

10 Dips at the benches / 1 inclined pull up (using the large rope tower)

9 Dips / 2 Pull-up …… and so on

The Thang

Armageddon: Walk around the path around the rope tower doing the shoulder exercise, when we get back to the pavilion do 10 reps of the Merkin variation. If you can do arms do the leg modification.

Sun Gods forward

10 Merkins / Air Squat

Sun Gods backwards

10 Diamond Merkins / Monkey Humper


10 Ranger Merkins / R Lunge

Overhead Claps

10 Chuck Norris / L Lunges

Moroccan Night Clubs

10 Hand Release Merkins / Jump Squat

Seal Claps

10 Werkins / Johnny Drama


10 Alligator Merkins R arm forward / Jump Squat

Flappy Birds

10 Alligator Merkins L arm forward / Bonnie Blair

Raise the Roofs

10 Superman Merkins / Copperhead Squat

Cherry Pickers

10 T-Merkins / Jump Tuck


American Hammers Rancid Style

Announcements and Prayers

CSAUP January 29th

D3 (Divorced Dudes and Drinks) meeting this Wednesday at Vino Mas 530pm


We recently have been making a bigger push to get our F3Omaha bruisers back out in the gloom and engaged with the PAX. I think it is important to remember we are not F1Omaha we are F3Omaha. Fitness is just 1 piece of the puzzle that makes F# such a great community. I know it is easy when you aren’t able to fully participate in a beatdown that you are somehow not pulling your weight or you don’t deserve or shouldn’t be out there slowing PAX down. What I hope we remember is that Fellowship and Faith are just as, if not more important as Fitness. Fitness is the magnet as we all know, but the real glue and what makes F# special is the brotherhood. I don’t care if you can do 100 burpees and sprint faster than me when we are in the gloom together. But what I do care about is having a friend there to talk to when they need it or when I need it. That is what makes F3 so special. Trust that your presence in the gloom is not measured in the number of Merkins you can do but on the relationships you have with your brothers. I really mean it when I say I hope I see you in the gloom.


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