January 21St , 2022 | AO The Combine| Kiewit Middle School | 4*F, 12MPH S. Wind

PAX:  LPC, Kill Switch, Pantyhose, Cataracts, Skipper, Barbershop, Superfly, Q-Tip (Respect x 2), Al Borland, Da Bears (FNG), Nailed It, Beaver, Sparty, Toto 

Q: Toto

How the Gloom got started

First to arrive at The Combine was Toto, followed by Pantyhose and Barbershop ready for a little Pre-Runaction. Toto was feeling super excited that The Berm shovel flag had a nice snow pile to plant it in. Two weeks prior Toto basically broke his foot and theshovel. 

4:45 Departed on Pre-Run. Near the Trail Head about a half mile West of The Combine Toto planted the first of 3 Lit Cones for the forth coming beatdown. Followed by two additional lit cones throughout the trail. We discussed how the beatdown would resemble Pantyhose’s from the day before at The Berm with another “String of Pearls” Paradise Island style. 

5:15 PAX Mumble Chatter came to a halt as Toto welcomed the additional 11 PAX to The Combine. With an FNG in our presence, Tator Tot would have been proud of the perfect delivery Toto gave of F3’s Mission, Core Principles, Credo, Disclaimer, and The Combine Driver impersonation targeted at LPC and Sparty for the recent “Rebranding” of The Combine. Sparty was familiar with the Kansas Combine driver, kindly extended Toto a Kudos for his accuracy. 

The PAX took off West to intercept the Pre Run route.

Station 1 – Trail Entry

As we made our way to the first station near the trail entrance, a train came rumbling through. Dude, the energy and momentum felt was intense!!! You could feel the rattle of shipping containers in your bones. The PAX were alive!

20 IC Side Straddle Hops

15 IC Tappy Taps

Big Ones, Rancid Style, IC

Resume Mosey down park trail.


Station 2 – Trail Mid Way

IC, Rancid Style

Temp Merkins

Pickle Pushers

Makhtar N’Diayes

Resume Mosey down park trail


Station 3 – Trail Exit Near Pacific

IC, Rancid Style

Copper Head Squats

Alternating Lunge

Calf Raises

Resume Mosey Back to Station 2


Station 2 – Trail Mid Way

IC, Rancid Style

Gas Pumpers (Sparty)

Flutter Kicks (Pantyhose)

Box Cutters (Nailed It)

Resume Mosey to Station 1

Station 1 – Trail Entry

IC, Rancid Style

Monkey Humpers (Previewing all that FNG “Da Bears” will have to look forward to in addition to pickle pushers. 

Resume Mosey East back to Shovel Flags

The Hill out was a real grind and so we paused for 3 separate 10 counts before final mosey.

Shovel Flags

Name O Rama:

FNG: Da Bears (I can hear it already, Where’s Da Bears?) Not in the playoffs incase you’re wondering. 

General Announcements: Reminder of Upcoming CSAUP 1.29.22 (Details on Slack)

Prayer Request: Reminder to pray for the homeless stuck out in the cold. 



For today’s COT I wanted to talk about Motivation.


Personally, my motivation fluctuates way too much. I often think to myself about goals I should make for myself but rarely make any.


When I’m consider all the possible outcomes of accomplishing a particular goal or the pain and suffering, I’ll have to endure, the longer I deliberate, the less likely I commit to setting that goal. Over the last year and half or so with F3 I have found an extreme appreciation for those that vocally and intentionally commit to goals they have set for themselves and challenge others.


Not only does it cultivate a great deal of respect, but it motivates those that need it most. If it’s goals that you struggle to set, or motivation that you desire, there’s no better place to be I would agree, than F3.


If this rings true for you, I’ll offer you this advice, share your fears, your doubts, and your desires with your F3 brothers and you won’t have to motivate yourself because the PAX will do it for you as they Inspire, Appreciate, Reward, Challenge, and Celebrate one another.




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The Combine

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