AO – The combine

Q – Ketchup

PAX: Superfly, Chucky, Hoser, Tube Socks, Panty Hose, Al Bordelon, Skipper,

Promptly at 5:15 the Q welcomed the PAX Members to a balmy 28 degree morning.  I introduced myself and explained the following:  F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith and we are going to focus on the First F this morning.  F3 exists to plant grow and serve small work out groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  We have five core principles – we are open to all men, we are free of charge, we always meet outside, we are led in a rotating fashion and we always end in a circle of trust.  Here at the combine we never leave a man behind and we will never leave a man behind.  If there are any FNG’s speak up now…I am not a professional so modify as necessary.


Q instructed PAX to grab their coupon and we began our mosey around the school to the south doors and circled up in the grass.  Warm Up Exercises were as follows:

Cherry Pickers – 10 IC

Sun Gods – 10 IC each direction

Michael Phelps – 15 IC

Tappy Taps – 10 IC

Plea Squats – 10

Groin Stretchers – 3 x 10 Second pulses

To close out the Warm-a-rama/complete the pre-thang we mosey’d over to the West Wall and completed the following twice:

Wall Sits – Overhead press – 15 times

Donkey Kicks – 15 ups

Balls to the Wall w/ Shoulder Taps – 10 each side

Following completion of the W.A.R/PT we moseyed to the field with our coupons.  With only 8 Pax Members we stayed together as a group and worked through 4 stations on the football field.  Station exercises were as follows.

Station 1 – Repeat Twice

Pull Sled 30 yards do 5 burpees pull sled back.  Rest of PAX does overhead block press/curls/triceps extensions while waiting. 

Station 2

20 Big Boy Situps

20 Frozen Freddies – IC

20 LBC’s IC

20 Hells to Heaven

Station 3 – Repeat Twice

20 yard sprint

20 Bobby Hurleys

20 yard sprint

20 Copperhead Squats

Station 4 – Repeat Twice

Plank Crawl up each bleacher seat and do 10 merkins.  Go all the way to the top and do 10 dips on each seat coming down.  When at the bottom – 20 step ups – 10 each side



Rancid American Hammers


Announcements – Prayer Requests

6th Man

Part of forgiveness/healing is realizing that elephants can’t quack no matter how much you want them to.  I had a tough conversation with my Dad this week that left met sad, disappointed and regretful and as I have reflected on that conversation I have realized that a good portion of my anger/frustration is because of how I want things to be and how I want people to react and talk isn’t happening.  What I failed to recognize that they/I are not at a place where it can happen.  And I felt those emotions because I was not at a place where I am able to accept the fact that things are the way they are because I want for them so badly to be the way they were.  And yet…as I have gotten older, met other people, gained more life experience, listened to other perspectives the things that I thought were truths…maybe weren’t.  I have realized that we all have our own life experiences and baggage and blind spots and everyone is at a different place in the journey of recognizing those blind spots and/or even acknowledging that they have them.  And sometimes patience is hard to come by as people are still figure it out…and even harder to come by when you know they never will.  My parents are divorced and I have a lifetime of anger and emotion that has come with that that I have had to work through and am still working through and even though I am super fortunate that I was blessed with great step parents…there is still shit that we have to work through.  As I have worked through some of those things I came to the obvious conclusion that everyone is still learning…and for me…the best method of healing that I have found is to accept people as they are…not who you want them to be.  It isn’t without pain and some degree of sadness sometimes…and it sure as hell isn’t easy…and you may end up with boundaries but realizing that elephants can’t/won’t quack no matter how much you want them do gives you a place to start and can help start the healing process and chart a new path forward

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