1/21/2021, The Woodshed MOOOOOOVEEE out the way Pony

PAX: Brazilian, Saul, Tater Tot, Chiclets (Respect), UHAUL, Othello, HoneyMade, KOA, Swiper, Wentworth, Golden Pike, Samples (Respect), Frosty, 2 Step, Toadstool, Retweet, Slow Pitch, Plague, Icy Hot, Girl Dad, Khakis (Respect), Gunner, e-85, Hard Hat, Black Lung, Earned It (Hate), Polaroid, Beeps (Hate), Biff, Rancid, Oompa, Doppler

Q: Ponzi, Honey Badger, Pony Express, & Bovine

37 PAX arrived to receive the welcome and disclaimer

Warmarama (Ponzi):

Plank Jacks (on Moo)

Merkins (on Meow)

Bear Crawl


Pickle pushers (on Neigh)

PreThang: (Bovine):

15 Chicken Peckers

15 Australian Mountain Climbers

Wall sit (everyone counts)

15 Chicken Peckers

15 Australian Mountain Climbers

Thang (Honey Badger): 21’s. The pax would run to 3 different cones 5 yards apart and perform a number of burpees or merkins depending on direction they were running. I.e. Pony ran to cone 1 and did 1 burpee then ran to cone 2 for 2 burpees and finally to cone 3 for 3 burpees before turning around and doing 1 merkin at cone 1, 2 at cone 2 and 3 at cone 3 until reaching 21.

Omaha was called and we headed in for Mary.

Mary (Pony Express):

15 Flutter Kicks (Ponzi Sucks Cadence)

15 Freddie Mercury’s

20 Rancid American Hammers

COT: Pony reminded that PAX that F3 is a gift that should be shared and that includes leadership positions. He also shared the importance of finding and promoting leadership within F3. Thankful for words of wisdom from Tater Tot and Sparty. Good luck to Bovine!


Pony Express

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