20 January 2022

AO: Berm

Weather: Cold, Temp: 0° F, Wind chill: -12° F

Pre-run (6): Toto, Cataracts, Chucky, Slapshot, Truly, Pantyhose

PAX (13): Birdman, Slapshot, Sparty, Chucky, Truly, Skeet, Toto, Kill Switch, LPC, Al Borland, Nailed It, Blanks, Pantyhose

QIC: Pantyhose

YHC pulled into the AO at 0430 for the 0435 Berm prerun. Although the AO is only a few minutes from YHC’s house, making the adjustment to the Berm’s new start time has been tough. It was great to see a couple of new PAX there for the 4-mile lake Prerun…T-claps to Truly and Slapshot for continuing to accelerate.

Flag planted (in a bucket of sand) and a few “extra” supplies for the Prerun. The PAX was unaware, but today’s beatdown was not going to take place at The Berm…we were headed to the beach, AKA Flanagan Lake, for a little Paradise Island inspired CSAUP training. The setup was going to be simple. Pantyhose grabbed 3 cones and 3 lights that would be dropped off during the prerun. The best part of the prerun for YHC was trying to catch up to the group each time after setting cones/lights. Running alone sucks, but a little quiet time does a man good…great time to reflect on all that is.

Prerun crew arrived back at the shovel flag at 0510 to see another 5-6 HIM gathering near the flags. Birdman made a deal with YHC yesterday saying he’d only show up for the beat down if we could do exercises on the ice at Flanagan Lake. Pantyhose obliged and said if we run fast today we can have a bonus round on the ice at the end of the beat down.

YHC welcomed the PAX at 0515, recited the 3F’s, mission statement, five core principals, and disclaimer. Pantyhose welcomed the crew to the first of two sessions of Pantyhose CSAUP training (more to come). We will be moving a lot today, so be cognizant of the 6. There was no question, it was cold…he thanked everyone for showing up…they did their job now the rest was up to him. Pantyhose offered a quote, in hopes of providing some motivation before the group departed the flag.

“Don’t allow the discomfort of a situation prevent you from performing the duty at hand…”

Pantyhose lead the group west out of the parking lot and towards Flanagan Lake.

The Thang

Today’s beatdown was quite simple…some ½-mile mosey’s sprinkled in with some exercises. Pantyhose had set cones out at the lake; one near the entrance, another about a ½-mile out on the trail across the dam, and the 3rd approximately ½-mile north of the cone at the entrance. The PAX would mosey from the Berm parking lot to the first cone, do exercises, mosey across the dam to the second cone, do exercises, back to the first cone, do exercises, mosey to the north cone, do exercises, mosey back to the entrance cone, do exercises, and then finally the climb back to the shovel flags at the berm parking lot.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 15
  • Pop Squat Twist (PST) x 10 IC
  • Plank Knee to Elbow x 5 IC

Pop squat twists are a new exercise…don’t know exactly where they came from…I think YHC’s M told him about them. Pantyhose demonstrated at the first cone thinking one demonstration would be sufficient, however, with Chucky in the PAX there always seems to be some remedial training required. The PAX performed exercises at the first cone and then moseyed across the dam to the second cone. Exercises done at the second cone and it was time to head back to the first cone for round 3.

While in route, LPC showed up…apparently, he is having trouble with this new start time at the Berm. This prompted another demonstration of PSTs for the group…well, really it was just for LPC but, as usual, Chucky had some comments. After completing the third round of exercises the PAX would mosey north along the path to the cone to complete the fourth round…but wait, here comes another PAX racing down the hill…it was Kill Switch. Pantyhose waited for Kill Switch the two joined the group at the north cone.

With Kill Switch now in formation it prompted yet another demonstration of PSTs. By now, Pantyhose had enough content to write a dissertation on PSTs. With round four of exercises completed it was now time for Birdman to shine. He put his speedy little legs in gear and led the group back (south) to the lake for the bonus round. Instead of meeting at the first cone for the last round of exercises, the PAX ventured out onto the ice. The combination of the full moon, clear ice (no snow on the lake), and pure joy made Birdman’s eyes twinkle. The long awaited dream of a beat down on the ice of Flanagan Lake had finally come true.

The ice on the lake was refreshing…and extremely slick. Pantyhose called an audible…at this point we were fortunate that no one had been injured, and there was no way we could safely do SSH and PSTs on ice…no way. So, instead of the normal four exercises the PAX did 30 merkins and held a 30 second plank. The group recovered and made the ½-mile mosey back up the hill to the flags. 

Omaha was called when the PAX arrived at the flags (approximately 0555).


  • American Hammer (Rancid Style) x 13 IC


  • CSAUP 1/29/22…more to come
  • The first ½ marathon of the 12 in 22 series is this Sunday, 1/23/22
  • Toto put in a plug for the 75 Hard program. He’s looking for a few good HIM to join in on the action.


  • Prayers for Birdman’s 2.0, Elijah. His 10th birthday is today
  • Prayers for the homeless in this brutally cold weather.


We covered a lot of ground today. 3 miles…more than we usually cover in a beat down. I mentioned that I was leading CSAUP training. I’ve had a few folks reach out to me over the past couple weeks asking if I thought they could make it through the CSAUP? Through conversations and texts, they have asked, is there a chance in hell for me to finish it. I told them absolutely. And if there is anyone here today asking themselves that question, I hope after what you just accomplished, you can look yourself in the mirror and say, “Hell yes!”.

I think often times we just see the finish line…or see how far way it looks…or how difficult the path is going to be…and we let that be the factor to make the decision on what we do.

Remember the quote we started with today? Well, I left off the ending…the full quote is:  

“Don’t allow the discomfort of a situation prevent you from performing the duty at hand…sometimes the feeling comes later.”

Have the uncomfortable conversations, ask the tough questions, challenge yourself to do hard things….whether it be physical or mental, maybe it’s at work or at home or in the community, maybe it’s stepping inside this circle to lead…whatever it may be, keep challenging yourself

I believe we all can find parallels in our daily lives where we allow discomfort to stop us from something we know we need to do. When you encounter those situations, try to think about that feeling that will come later.



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