PAX: Cyclone, Bovine, Stitches, Two Step, Stella, E-85, Rancid, E-85, Space Bar, Safe Ride, Z-bo

Q: Gunner

Weather – Clear, Windy and 17°

5:30 AM – The winds was targeting our shovel-flag gathering location so Gunner quickly welcomed the Pax and cited the F3 Mission statement, 5 Core Principles, “Modify as Necessary” disclaimer, and we moseyed out by 5:32 am to get moving and warmed-up.

Warmarama – Took a mosey lap around the back of Spirit World and another mosey lap around the Stinson Park Loop

The Thang- We went over to the park benches along 67th Street and posted at a bench to perform the following exercises:

Set 1&2

12 One Leg Shoulder Press

12 Crouching Curls

15 Dips

25 Dead Lift Thrust Ups

Run lap – One stop and exercise station

  • 8 IC Hairy Rockettes
  • 8 IC Hillbillies
  • 8 IC Mtn Climbers

Set 3&4

10 Rounded Shoulder Flys

5 Stationary Arm Curls

12 Tricep Kick Backs

25 Dead Lift Thrust Ups

Set 5&6

10 Bent Over Back Flys

16 In and Out Curls

10 Wrist Twist Tricep Kick Backs

Set 7&8

10 Shoulder Hammers

21 Curls 7-7-7

21 Dips 7-7-7

Run lap – One stop and exercise station

Run Lap

  • 8 IC SSH
  • 8 IC Imperial Walkers
  • 8 Groiners


15 IC Star Fish Crunches

15 IC Inverted Toe Touches

15 IC Penguins

Capt. Thors 4:1 up to 16 and 4

Anouncements – CSAUP and ABIDE opportunities

Prayers – For Pax that are about to Dads

COT- I shared with the group that Heavy Metal was the one AO I was reluctant to sign up and Q at because I am not a big fan of music.  I don’t hate music, I just don’t listen to it or “own” any songs.  I didn’t want to have to Q at Heavy Metal because I don’t have a playlist for the workout.  I was a bit afraid that Pax would thing I am odd for not owning or having a playlist for my Q.  Fortunately, Space Bar was more than happy to help me out on my musical deficiency. He said he would bring the tunes to my Q.  I agreed to that and finally Q’d at Heavy Metal for my very first time.  I got some great feedback from the workout and ironically enough – we decided not play any music during the workout because it was sooo damn cold, and we would mosey off and leave the speaker unattended.  No music after all and I didn’t disappoint the Pax!

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