AO: Battlefield// Thursday, January 20, 2022 // Weather 0 degrees (-15 degrees windchill) //Q:  Samples

PAX:  Q-Tip (Respect! Respect!!), Bloodshot, Safe Ride, Roll Bar, Wentworth, Biff, Two-Step, and Samples (Respect).

Samples reminded that PAX of the meaning of the three F’s, the mission statement, and the disclaimer that he is NOT a professional.

Warm-a-Rama included a quick lap around the track and mosey to the middle and completed:

15 SSH’s IC

15 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Mountain Climbers IC

15 ATM’s in groups of 5 for 3 sets – 5 alternating shoulder taps, 5 tempo merkins and 5 merkins 3 times through

The Thang:

Divide into four groups and have the groups complete the exercise on the winkie.

Group 1 – SE corner of the track – ALL AMRAP

         Squats (1st time through)

         Lunges 5 Right and 5 Left and repeat

         Bobby Hurleys

         Bonnie Blairs

Group 2 – Top of the Bleachers on the East Side Middle



         Aligator  Workins with 5 Right Hand up and then 5 Left Hand up and repeat

         Ranger Merkins

Group 3 – NE side of the track – ALL AMRAP

         20 Plank Jacks IC and then Big Boys AMRAP

         20 Jump Tucks and then Flutter Kicks AMRAP

         20 Mountain Climbers IC and then Frozen Freddys AMRAP

         Instagram Poses

Announcements: CSAUP sign up and gear order is now live on SLACK

Prayers: James and his family now that he passed.  Two-Step is grateful for the care his parents are given and prayerfully asking for continued support.

COT:  There is an episode of Seinfeld where George gets made fun of in a business meeting and later comes up with a great “Zinger” that will make him looks so clever and make his boss look like an idiot.  How many times do we want those one liners to “get back” at the person who wronged us.  I did this recently – or at least tried to.  As a parent I was noticing how other members of my son’s football team were dropping passes.  Avery was 11 for 11 on catching passes he was targeted and I wanted his coaches to know.  I was looking for a time to give his coaches a “zinger” and then I listened to the book “Everyone Always”. It is book by Bob Geoff about love.  There are not many commands that Jesus speaks about in the bible but he not only commands us to love everyone but he makes a point to command us to love our enemies.  He goes on to say that he is a lawyer and (I am not going to spoil the ending) but he has put away some really really bad people and he tells about the time he visited one in particular in jail and realized that he was his enemy.  The person he put away actually came to know the love of Christ. 

I am listening to this story and realized how dare I hold a grudge on my son’s coach while this guy shows love to convicted criminals doing heinous crimes.  The next day I went to the end of the season football banquet and thanks Avery’s coaches for allowing him to not only play but start almost all of the games his senior year.  Each one of them shared stories of how much of a team player Avery was and so many more things I learned about his commitment to the team that I wouldn’t have learned if I would have continued with my plan. 

We all have those people in our lives.  Who do you need to show love?  Do and watch the difference it makes.


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