Wild Kingdom

Tuesday January 11, 2022

Lake Zorinsky, Omaha NE

30 degrees with a chill in the air

Great group of pre runners this fine morning:  Phantom, Barn Door, Blades of Glory, Slick, Cheap Seats, Vandelay, Gator and Ozark.

PAX: Fine Print, Ketchup, Trulia, Gator (Chomp), Slick, Mr. Miagai, Mufasa, Ruxpen, Crab Cakes, Lincoln Logs (Respect Respect), Blades of Glory, Bob Ross, Bambi, T ball, Escobar, Vlasik, Panther, Cosmo, Obi Won (You’re my only hope), Phantom, Ozark (respect), Thomas, Vandelay (respect), Barn Door, and YHC Cheap Seats

QIC — Cheap Seats

Cheap Seats welcomed 24 HIM to the Wild Kingdom.  Gave the mission statement, disclaimer and Credo.  YHC explained that several HIM were completing the January burpee challenge and we will be going to try to complete those today.  Much chagrin from the PAX.  I also explained Mufasa wanted me to perform a Paradise type workout so we did : )

The PAX mosyed to the open parking lot by the lake near the bathrooms


Tappy Taps — 12 IC

Tator Taps – 12 IC

Windmills — 12 IC

Big Ones – 12 IC

15 Side straddle hops with 7 out loud and 8 silent.  We got real close to ending in unison but 1 PAX member (shall remain nameless) made us do 5 Burpees.

Thang 1:  The PAX did a long mosey, about .65 miles up the WK trail by the lake and met at the corner where you turn for the first turn on the pre-run.  Several grumblings from the PAX made the mosey extra special.  We then stopped at the flashing light on the corner to perform the “Black Web” – Thank you my brother Griswold for introducing this to me.

Black Web

Arms – complete 1 merkin then 2 air presses, then 2 merkins, 4 air presses, 3 merkins, 6 air presses all the way up to 7 merkins and 14 air presses.

Legs – 1 Bonnie Blair (IC), 2 Air Squats, 2 BB, 4 Air Squats.  All the way up to 7 BB’s and 14 Air Squats

Full Body – 1 burpee, 2 SSH, 2 burpees, 4 SSH’s all way up to 7 burpees and 14 SSH’s

Thang 2: The Pax then moseyed another half mile on the gravel near the lake to somewhat complete the second thang.

Thang 2 was 11’s up the hill by the lake.  Everbody partnered up to complete this exercise.  We started with 1 Air Squat and then ran up the hill and completed 10 burpees, then 2 air squats and 9 burpees.  3 Air Squats and 8 burpees. This was the most we could complete before Omaha was called.

We then had to mosey another half mile back to the flags for some Mary.  Total miles ran was around 2 miles (you’re welcome Mufasa)


We only had time to complete American Hammers.  Completed rancid style hammers which were a total of 25.

Announcements Prayer Request

Discussed CSAUP on January 29th.  Encouraged all PAX to sign up.  Information on Slack.  We discussed Queen Service and to think about all the HIM trying to lose weight.

Prayer Requests consisted of praying for Chicklets and his bicep surgery, Yodel and his family as they go through COVID.  All the other PAX members that have been dealing with COVID. 


I went through the 8 block that a lot of PAX complete at the beginning of the year for goals.  I explained there are fitness goals, fellowships and faith goals.  I also explained that in our current Shield Lock (Mufasa, Barn Door, Gator, Blades of Glory and Cheap Seats) we needed to pick a word for the year.  My word was “PATIENCE”.  I explained to the PAX that I struggle immensely with patience primarily with my kids.  I let them know that I can yell very loud when my kids disobey.  It’s something that takes time and accountability from my shieldlock to get better at.

I also went through and noted that patience looks different for everybody.  Some HIM are dealing with divorce and their patience looks different.  Some HIM are dealing with sickness (cancer/COVID) and their patience might look different.  Many of us struggle with patience on a daily basis but several PAX have been dealing with patience on certain items for months or even years.  I encouraged all the PAX to trust in the Lord and to remain patience even though there might not be an end in sight.  Patience is a virtue!

Cheap Seats closed with a prayer

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