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PAX (19): Pantyhose, Cheap seats, Cradle, Tube Socks, Frosty, Grease Fire, Slow Clap (Respect), Blanks, Truly, Al Borland, Slap Shot, Toto, Mulligan (Respect), House Party, Doppler, Barber Shop, LPC, Nailed It, Chucky

QIC: Chucky

The PAX gathered around the shovelflags. The mission statement was made, the 5 core principles stated, the disclaimer was made, and then Chucky led the PAX up to the Basketball Court.

Warm O’ Rama (7 minutes)

  1. Sun Gods
  2. Big Ones
  3. Side Straddle Hops

The Thang: You’re Not Alone (24 minutes)

Chucky explained the workout to the PAX. Then he had the PAX pair up.  Each Pair would complete the exercises at the station “Partner Style” then run to the next.

Station 1: 20 Partner Burpees 

Station 2: 40 Partner Merkins

Station 3: 60 Partner Carolina Dry Docs

Station 4: 80 Partner Bobby Hurly’s

Station 5: 100 Partner Big Boys

MARY: (4 minutes)

American Hammers IC Rancid Style (19)


PAX were quiet and seemed to be confused about the reps per station.  Several PAX were groaning when Chucky reminded them that the reps were for each PAX but that they were encouraged to help their partner if needed.  Chucky seemed to smile when the Group made their way to the 5 station (100 Partner Big Boys) and heard a lot of groaning.  But Chucky knew that they could all lean on each other to get the job done.  And they did!


  • CSAUP 1/29 at oracle
  • Preorders for gear especially The Combine
  • Shovel pass at Woodshed this Friday. Pony Express to Bovine
  • Divorced dudes and drinks at Vino Mas at 5:30 every 4th Thursday. Reach out to Doppler
  • 75 hard starting, reach out to Toto


  • Be mindfull of others with Covid and show respect. 
  • Prayers for Nailed It’s forman’s daughters death
  • PAX traveling

COT: Today, Chucky shared some of his experiences from the IMPACT retreat and reminded his fellow HIM that we are not alone.  We can lean on God, our family, our fellow PAX. We all go through challenges and different seasons of life that will test us.  We can choose to weather those storms alone or reach out for help.  



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