The Oracle 7AM / Boys Town / 15 January 2022 / 15 degrees (Real Feel 0) / 77% Humidity / N22 mph / Cloudy, Windy, and Unpleasant

PAX (8): Cheap Seats, Huffy, Doggie Paddle, Ozark (respect), Skipper, Hei Hei, Vandelay (Respect), and Gator

I pulled into the snow-covered confines of The Oracle at 5:15 AM. A short, slow drive around the grounds confirmed my assumption: a location audible would be in order. I decided to hold off on setting up and would scout the area during the pre-run (with Cheap Seats, Vandelay, Mulligan, and Wait Time) and the 6AMbeatdown with Z-Bo (Great job, Z-Bo!)

(Q Hits play on a small and somewhat sturdy speaker)

Freebird’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd

The Q then hit the following introductory points:

Welcome to “F Thryee,” which stands for: Fitnyss; Fyllowshyp, and Fayth. We have a Myssyon Statymynt: Plant. Grow. Serve. And reinvigorate male community leadership.

The Q let the PAX know that today is the Birthday of the late Ronnie Van Zant – lead singer for Lynyrd Skynyrd. He would be 77 today. We will have music and trivia questions about all things Lynyrd Skynyrd.
7 burpees or 7 bobby hurlely’s depending on the answers from the Pax.

We have 5 core principles in F3: (1) We are Free as a Bird; (2) Open to all men, even if you are a Simple kind of Man; (3) Like an outdoor rock concert, we are always outside; (4) we change our line-up leaders for workouts, like many bands do (like when Van Halen became Van Hagar); and (5) We end in a circle of trust, like a big wheel that keeps on turning

I am not a professional. Obviously. Don’t get hurt – modify. New guys? Nope. Probably all for the best as they might not come back.

Mosey to recently plowed parking lot.

⁃ Tappy Taps x 15IC (for the site q)
⁃ Hillbillies x 15 IC
⁃ Lt. Dans x 15IC
⁃ Alabama Ass Kickers x 15 IC
⁃ Double Wide Merkins x 15

TRIVIA Q#1: Ronald Wayne Van Zant was born on January 15, 1945 in what State?

I thought the PAX would have guessed Alabama, but they were hip to this red herring. So, it was a guessing game which ended in:

Burpees x 7

Correct Answer: Jacksonville, Florida.

Mosey to the snowy football field.

Pre-Thang: “Gimme Three Steps

Start on the goal line, go 100 yards using three reps and three steps:
Step 1: Broad Jump x 3
Step 2: Walking Lt. Dan x 3
Step 3: Duck Walk 3 full steps (two waddles = one full step)
Rinse and repeat until you get to the opposite end zone.

Great mumblechatter as we made our way through the snowy and not-so-snowy parts of the field. We reached the end zone and did a sprint back to the other side. Something didn’t smell right on the not-so-sturdy speaker, so the Q cut the tunes short. 

TRIVIA Q#2: Ronnie Van Zant and two others tragically lost their lives in a plane crash in what year?

Huffy immediately said 1976 and then Cheap Seats chimed in with 1978. Since the Q responded that both were very good guesses, the PAX quickly deduced the correct answer:

October 20, 1977.

Bobby Hurley’s x 7

Mosey to the BIG HILL and partner up for two man grinder. We had a blast on Heartbreak Hill sledding with Z-Bo, so Vandelay was somewhat displeased when he saw that the Q did not have sleds. He had some choice commentary, which the Q attributed to long-term exposure to the cold.

The Thing: Pronounced “Tha Thang”

While Partner 1 runs up the hill and does 5 Big Boys, Partner 2 does the list of the following exercises AMRAP:

Low dollies
Yurpees (burpee with a clap merkin and two jump tucks)
Nerkins (Chuck Norris Merkins)
You Pick: Burpees or Bonnie Blairs (for the MABAPAX)
Dans, Lt. (Until it feels like you ain’t got no legs)

Squats (Get Curtis Loew)
Knee to Elbow (Like an E2K)
You Pick: Burpees or SSH
You Pick: Burpees or LBCs
Ranger Merkins

Some of the PAX made it to the “K” exercise before the Q yelled “Play Freebird”, which meant Tha Thang was over.

TRIVIA Q#3: Thinking back to a time when people actually bought albums, the song Sweet Home Alabama was released in 1974 on which Lynyrd Skynyrd album?

The Q was too cold to wait more than a few seconds, so he provided the the correct answer: “Second Helping” and we did Burpees x 7

We stayed at the bottom of the Big Hill for:

The Post Thang: Sweet Home Oracle

The Q hit play and turned it up: “Sweet Home Alabama”

1st Verse: Alabama Ass kickers
Chorus: Burpees
2nd Verse: Hillbillies
Chorus: Burpees
1st piano solo: Hillbillies
3rd verse: Double Wide Merkins
Chorus: Burpees
2nd piano solo: Double Wide Merkins

Side note: Yesterday , I had a great time working out with Tater Tot at the Armory for Cradle’s VQ. Our Nan-Tan told me the fantastically awesome story of his VQ at the Oracle. He explained how the elements got the better of his sound equipment, which put the kibosh on the music for his Queen-filled beatdown. But that just made what they did instead all the more fun. I told him I had plans to use music for my upcoming Oracle Q and we laughed at the coincidental nature of the conversation…

It was therefore no surprise when the music abruptly stopped due to the incompatibility of cold weather and the battery of my speaker. Taking a quick moment to appreciate those great unplanned Q moments, I decided to just sing the last chorus of the song while we did burpees. I was relieved to see that when I looked up from my a cappella-karaoke burpee rendition to see that all the PAX were still present and accounted for – thanks guys!

TRIVIA Q#4: What is the name of the Studio where the song Sweet Home Alabama was recorded?

Again, too cold. Let’s do 7 Burpees.

Correct Answer: Studio One in Doraville, GA. 

Mosey to the Shovel flags


We did 20 Side-Swamper-Crunches* with 10 on each side.

(*side plank with the knee of your bottom leg planted on the ground; pull top leg and top arm together for a crunch and then back open).

Count Off: An Elite 8

Name-o-Rama: We managed to correctly answer the question, “What’s Your Name?

Announcements: CSAUP – get ready.
TAPS: Only those silently offered.

COT: Work Life Balance and the Concentrica

Like Ronnie Van Zant, I was born in Florida and spent a long time in Alabama. He is from Jacksonville while I am from Tallahassee, which means I was a lot closer to LA than him. (LA is panhandle-speak for “Lower Alabama”)

The ten years I lived in Alabama were great. But I knew that I had my priorities mixed up. I looked at things through the lens of work-life balance. Even when I thought I did a good job balancing the two, things were still problematic.

I wasn’t exercising, didn’t eat well, and didn’t have people holding me accountable. In short, I was a Sad Clown. I’ve mentioned in COTs before that when we moved to Omaha, things changed for the better, especially once I joined F3. But more recently I have been greatly helped by F3’s concentrica model. (Check out Q Source for more info)

The problem with work-life balance is it puts work on one side and everything else on the other. Which is silly. The concentrica pushes you to prioritize your life: At the center of your life is your M (the most important relationship), then 2.0s (kids), followed by your Shieldlock (your closest friends or a formal lock, whichever small group holds you accountable). The last two circles are Blades (people you mentor), and Mammon, which is your work.

Sounds more complex than work-life balance, but it is actually simpler. I like simple. Many times I would say, “Well, work is just more important than family right now.” Now, the concentrica helped me realize that your M and your 2.0s are always more important. Simple.

Q Source says, while work is critical to men, when compared to his family and community, work is the least important relationship in a man’s life. Goes on to say, Husbands and Fathers are on duty 24/7, and no job is actually 24/7. You can’t take the day off from being a husband and you can’t quit being a father. “The HIM may love his work, but he does not live to work. Instead, he works to enrich the lives of those he loves and with whom he lives.”

So, fill out your 8-block. Here. Think about your concentrica and what it looks like. And be a Simple kind of Man.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Ronnie Van Zant!

Cheap Seats led us out with an excellent prayer as usual.

With Gratitude,


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