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AO: ThePit // Halleck Park, Papillion, NE // 1.15.22 // Weather: Cold & fresh snow // Q: BetaMax // PAX: 9 Diddy, Trench, Tony The Tiger, Chernobyl, Ferdinand, High Lift, Firewalker, Borrat

Warm O Rama:

SSH (IC) x 20

Big Ones x 12

Tappy Taps x 12

Arm Circles x 10 forward/10 reverse

Pre-Thang 1: Tabata 40-second on/10-seconds



Slow Merkins


4-point hop

Knee Slam Jumps

Mountain Climbers

Smurph Jacks

Lay down frogs


Pre- Thang 1: Ice Ice Baby – Burpees

Pre-Thang 2: Dance Monkeys – 5 variations of monkey humpers (plagiarized from Doppler’s birthday beatdown last week at Oracle).

THE THANG! GET SOME! This 30-min motivational video played the entire duration, which is composed of Jocko & Goggins saying encouraging words for when things get tough.

PAX partnered up (groups of 4).

AMRAP exercises at three stations with one set of partners being the push group. The push group took turns pulling each other on a sled as then ran around a loop near the gazebo (switched half way).

Station 1: 60 x 60 Sandbag Burpees (or blockee) / Kettle bell Swing / Squat & overhead press w/Coupon

Station 2: Dips / Coupon bent over row / Huffy 10-speeds

Station 3: Step Ups / Derkins / Burpees / Lateral dumbbell raises

Mary: 15 of each – Sweat Angels, Flutter Kicks, Low Dollys, Box Cutters, LBC’s, Big Boys, Hammers

Prayers for Firewalkers & Wentworth’s friend, James who is in the ICU and not doing well. Also prayers Frosty’s counsin, Bobby.

COT: Not every day is going to be easy. Life throws you many challenges, and you need to choose how you will respond.

“Every storm runs out of rain, just like every dark night turns into day.” Gary Allen.

Beta spoke of adversity in his own life, loss of loved ones and hard times; he then turned to the story of Job from the Bible. If you try to tackle things on your own, you will not succeed. Turn to others when you need help and also be willing to help others.


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