Patrick Collins (aka the mysterious FNG)

Thursday, January 13, 2022 | The Coop AO | Swanson Elementary School | 38 degrees and mild | 5:30 AM

PAX: Lansbury, Biff, Stella, Vanilla Ice, Edison, Tin Cup, Cosmo, Grass Roots, TC, Folsom, Vandelay, Chiclets, Toadstool, Brazilian, Honey Stinger, Flanders, Ozark, Gator, FNG – Patrick Collins (aka the Duke of Douche Bag, aka Mufasa) Wait Time and Ponzi.
QIC: Wait Time and Ponzi

Wait Time and Ponzi welcomed 20 PAX and “1 FNG” – Patrick Collins to the gloom. Originally, Wait Time was Qing solo, but Ponzi joined along and even went so far as to shave his head so he could support the theme of the workout. After welcoming the PAX and the mysterious FNG who’s wife told him to come to the workout, the mission, principles and disclaimer was shared. We explained to the PAX that our entire workout would focus on playing with our balls, so it was sure to be fun.

The PAX moseyed away from the school for Warm-A-Rama. Ponzi felt like we should not warm-up with such weirdness on a school campus, therefore he led us to a church parking lot.

SSH with a pelvic thrust (Ponzi Special) x 15 IC | Rope Swings x 10 IC | Pickle Pushers with a Merkin (Ponzi Special) | Oh Yeahs x 10 IC | Johnny Drama with a thrust x 10

QICs were unnecessarily nervous about the FNG being uncomfortable with the weird warm-a-rama. Mufasa has never remained so quiet.

PAX moseyed from the church to the Swanson Elementary basketball court for the Pre-THANG.

PRE-THANG: “Big Balls of Merkins”

PAX circled up on the basketball court, and Wait Time cranked up AC/DC’s “Big Balls.” The PAX held a plank until they heard “Balls” or Ball in the song. The two-and-half minute song included 26 merkins.

THANG: “Balls O’ Fun”

Ponzi and Wait Time had two bags of six ping pong balls each. Each ping pong ball was numbered 1-5 and a sixth ping pong ball was orange. Two PAX members were called out to reach for Ponzi and Wait Time’s ball sacks. The ping pong ball drawn from the sack had a corresponding exercise or movement. All exercises were 20 reps. The movement was up the hill at Swanson Elementary.



The PAX completed: Turkish Get-ups x 20 and Bernie Sanders | Hand Release Merkins x 20 and Lunge Walk | Turkish Get-ups x 20 and Bernie Sanders | Burpees x 20 and Crawl Bear | Machtar Ndiaye x 20 IC and Bear Crawl | Turkish Get-ups x 20 and Lunge Walk

Pax moseyed to shovel flag.

6MOM: Low Dollys x 20 | American Hammer x 21 IC (Rancid Style)

Bruiser Workout: Doppler has restarted the Bruiser Workout. CSAUP is in late January. Sign up on SLACK.
PRAYERS: All the Pax battling injury. Friends and family battling COVID.


Often times, Pax (particularly new Pax) share the difficulty in explaining F3’s commitment to the Third F. We say we are open to all men, but if you are about Faith, does it mean F3 is a “Christian organization?” Some FNGs respond to the fitness and the fellowship, but they are uncertain about the faith component.

Recently, I read a book by Kyle Idleman. In the book, Idleman described faith. I liked the metaphor that he used particularly in how it may help us explain our commitment to faith. In the case of F3, it means believing in some higher power bigger than ourselves.

Idleman described visiting his grandmother’s house as a child. She was a child of the Great Depression, a generation that learned to be frugal and resourceful. His grandmother stored all of her puzzles in zip lock baggies. Idleman described the difficulty in completing a puzzle without the cardboard storage box showing the photo of the completed puzzle. The photo of the puzzle assures you are going in the right direction. Idleman struggled and never completed a puzzle without the box. He might finish the outline but would inevitably give up.

The experience was a metaphor of his faith. The photo didn’t create certainty that you could complete the puzzle but it did provide direction. In his life, Idleman’s faith provides the big picture that ensures that he is going in the right direction and everything in life interlocks in a way that makes sense. I really appreciated his description of FAITH.

He did quote Hebrews 11, “Faith is the confidence in what we hope for and the assurance about what we don’t see.”

With the puzzle or in life, it is believing that all these pieces somehow fit together even though we don’t have the big picture to work from. Believing God (or maybe for some – the universe) has a purpose even when there seems to be no reason.

I am grateful how high impact men share their faith during the COTs. It gives be direction. It strengthens my spirit and belief in a higher power.

On behalf of Ponzi….

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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