The One Where Knobs Wasn’t Here and We Wished He Was. #SubstituteQ

Weather: A balmy morning. Rain & Snow in the forecast. But first, an ass whoop’n….

19 Pax: Yogi, Rowdy, Ferdinand, Trench, LincolnLogs (Respect-Respect), Milo, Cobalt (Respect), HuHot (Respect), Chernobyl, BabyShark, TonyTheTiger, AnimalHouse, Schrute, Skidz (nasty), Borat, Escobar, Wentworth, SweetRoll and YHC – Firewalker.


Lots of dudes taking advantage of the PreRun opportunity and prepare for the Upcoming Catalina Wine Mixer. 3mi and 2mi PreRuns.


AnimalHouse pulled FW aside and. inquired as to whether there would be any burpees this day. He, and others, are ‘Making America Burpee Again’ and had a few to get in for the day. FW smiled and assumed AH there would be ample burpees….. 65 to be exact. Continue reading for details…


Firewalker welcomed the pax to The Farm in CowTown and C.S.A.U.P. Training, #SwaggerStyle. After a quick survey of the circle, it was clear no FNGs, including the FNG Skidz had been raving about and getting FW amped up to welcome. Maybe next time…..

FW covered the Mission, five core principles and reminded the pax he was definitely not a professional.

With that, we mosey’d north up the trail.


Three separate stops. Pax Partnered up. One pax held plank while the other completed 10 JumpOver Burpees. Did I mention we did this three times as we mosey’d North?

30 Total Burpees. Plenty of heads hanging and mumbling about how FW is the best Q ever. Other rumblings included regrets about not hitting the Brickyard for Sparty’s AssWhoopn’.

The Thang

In full and fair disclosure, FW borrowed a page from of @Hello_Kitty and Full Metal Jacket AO in Salem Park NC

Pax partnered up. Exercises were to be completed TOGETHER.

⁃ 25 burpees. Run to cone and back.

⁃ 50 merkins. Run to cone and back.

⁃ 75 walking lunges. Run to cone and back.

⁃ 100 high quality air squats. Run to cone and back.

⁃ 75 walking lunges. Run to cone and back.

⁃ 50 merkins. Run to cone and back.

⁃ 25 burpees. Run to cone and back.

⁃ Rinse & Repeat.

At precisely the right time, FW called ‘Omaha’ and the pax began the mosey back. We stopped half way to bring the pax TOGETHER and complete 10 more burpees.


Upon return to the shovel flags, pax circled up and completed a round of SarpySlammers, #RancidStyle (WELCOME BACK TO F3 OMAHA BROTHER RANCID!!!)

19 was the final count!



⁃ Hartland Hope

Prayer Requests

⁃ Wentworth shared about a dear friend, James who is nearing the end. At the time of this writing, James went peacefully to his eternal home around 4pm today – 1/15/22.


Break The Rock

“When nothing seems to help, I go and look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock perhaps a hundred times without ad much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow, it will split in two, and I know it was not that blow that did it – but all that had gone before.” Jacob August Riis

FW shared these thoughts and words of encouragement for the pax.

1. Trust the process.

2. Enjoy the journey.

3. Don’t ever quit.

4. Look at the guy on your left. Look at the guy on your right. REMEMBER, you are NOT alone. We go TOGETHER!

Ferdinand took the pax out in prayer.

Fantastic Coffee was enjoyed @ BlackSheepCoffee soon after.

#BananaNut For the Win!



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