Jan 10, 2022 / Westside Career Campus

AO: The Octogan, 19°F, the only wind was that created by the PAX running like the wind/breeze

VQ: Captain Planet

PAX: Tuner, GTA, Rollbar, Slow Pitch, Tater Tot, Wentworth, Golden Pike, Ice T, Z-bo, Doppler, Khakis (respect), Spacebar, Honeymaid, Oompa, Retweet, The Plague, Betamax, Samples (respect), Barbershop, Beaver

Announced: Mission, 3 F’s, Five Core Principles, Disclaimer


We moseyed to the parking lot behind the building. Captain Planet asked the PAX to name the five elements from Captain Planet. Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Heart. That set the theme for today was saving the planet and the exercises were based on the four elements with each PAX bringing their Heart.

Captain Planet led the PAX in some new stretches:

Overhead and behind the back stretch

Side stretch

Neck rolls

Shoulder shrugs

Spinal twist

Hip circles

More moseying to the track where we started by becoming the Wind.

Wind – double line chain run twice around the track. Several PAX sounded like the wind making WHOOSHING sounds as they ran to the front of the chain. Some wind may have been broken.

3-station with a push group

Station 1 – Earth

The earth rose up to meet us and hold up our bodies as we slowly & steadily did AMRAP:


Air squats


Station 2 – Fire

The PAX felt the heat of their own internal fire with rapid fire AMRAP:


Pickle pushers

Monkey humpers

Station 3 – Water

We went with the flow of our bodies as we did AMRAP:



Apollo Ohnos



In Dog position, extend opposite arm and leg

Flutter Kicks


Being his VQ, Captain Planet tried to mix up the order of things at the end, but lucky for him, the PAX helped him make sure he didn’t miss anything:


Announcements & prayer requests


Reflection. Captain Planet invited the PAX to close their eyes and notice the solid support of the earth beneath them. Feel the breeze and the air upon our faces that we all share, bringing it into ourselves and breathing it back out. Remember the gift it is to nourish our bodies with clean water, that we are made of 60% water. Bringing attention to the fire we use to heat our homes and cars and cook our food. And remember the Heart we bring to the world. The deep care each PAX has for others, for himself, and for the earth. Let us bring our heart to care for each other and our common home. For we are the earth and the earth is us.

Closing prayer

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