AO: The Oracle (6am)

DATE: January 8, 2022

PAX: (17) Cheap Seats, Wait Time, Blades of Glory, Bovine, Oompa, Stitches, Pickens, Honeymaid, Khakis, The Plague, Tater Tot, Retweet, Sweet Sweet, Pothole, Slow Pitch, Vandelay, Hard Hat

QIC: Hard Hat

Weather: Around 20 degrees or so, the ground was frozen

Welcome: Following the preruns, which Jean Claude and Charlie led, the PAX assembled around the flags. At 6, the ruckers parted and the remaining PAX hung around to see what was in store for them. They were welcomed with the mission statement, and then asked to raise their hand if the believe the mission states to “invigorate” male community leadership. About 1/2 the group raised their hands. Then they were asked to raise their hand if they believe it’s to “re-invigorate”, to which about 1/2 raised their hands. I don’t think everyone participated in this little exercise. Either way, the guys that raised their hands to “re-invigorate” were informed that there are a bunch of coupons in the back of my truck that they can grab and carry around for the workout. I was kidding though. The disclaimer was given, along with the addition of the fact that I haven’t been to Boystown for a workout in probably 2 years, so I’d try to not get the group lost. I told the group we would “Do-ah’-diddy” to all of our destinations, and the first stop would be over by the basketball court.

Warm-A-Rama: We ended up diddying to the parking lot by the track. Here we lined up at a lightpole and did some dynamic stretching for our warmup. High knees to the pole, butt kicks back. Karaoke down and back, lunge walk down. Then we resumed our Do-ah’-diddy towards the lake.

Tha-Thang, The Funk Shaker: On the road alongside the lake, we made our way to a large tree on the East side of the road. There’s a decent hill here, as well as, some hard hats strategically placed. We counted off into 4’s and the thang was described. 4 stations, with two exercises listed, and the movement to the next station. The group would stay together and perform 20 reps of the 1st exercise, then move to the next station. The 1st round at each station would be 20 reps. The 2nd round would be 18 reps of the 2nd exercise listed. The 3rd round would be 16 reps of the 1st exercise. This would continue until we finish or Omaha is called.

  • Station 1: Box Cutters & Flutter Kicks, Alligator walk down the hill
  • Station 2: Merkins & Carolina Dry Docks, Karaoke
  • Station 3: Monkey Humpers & Jump Tucks, Lunge Walk
  • Station 4: American Hammers & V-ups, Sprint

Lots of mumblechatter with the Alligator walk and the lunges. This was tough. Some might even say it was awful. I couldn’t allow the group to leave the workout today hating me, so we had to have a little fun as well. Partway through round 4, Omaha was called. We did-ah-diddy back the way we came, and made a stop at the throwers pit.

Post-Thang, Bear vs. Crab: Here, the hard hats were placed out to serve as goals. A lightup soccer ball was used, and the group was divided into two teams. Bears are in bear crawl form and advance the ball with their hands. Crab are in a crab walk form and advance the ball with their feet. The game was a lot of fun, but also had moments of a deep competitive fire burning. If there is an F3Omaha record for number of times a PAX got kicked in the face during a workout, this workout would have destroyed the record. I wasn’t keeping count, but it was at least 4 times. And that’s a very conservative accounting. Around half-way through the time for this game, the teams switched positions, but defended the same goals. Thankfully this game brought some joy to the workout after the funk shaker. Eventually, the game was called and the group did-ah-diddy back to the shovel flags.

Closing: We wrapped up the workout with Rancid style hammers, did announcements, prayer requests, and the COT.

This workout kind of snuck up on me, because whenever I’ve been agreeing to Q workouts, most are quite a ways out on the schedule. This one wasn’t, and it was kind of a, “here’s a couple dates I can do it, so just pick one”. I forgot I was on the schedule until Sunday when it was tweeted out. The timing was good though. I’ve had a long, busy week, with some stressful stuff going on at work and with family. I didn’t workout the last two days, partly because of this. It was feeling like I was getting into a funk. Having to Q a workout, gives me a reason to shift some focus, and helps me to change things up to get out of a funk. Since it’s goals and resolution season, I’ve thought about past goals that I didn’t hit. Whenever I set goals for the year, I’m less likely to hit them. Setting a goal for the month or quarter will give you a better chance of sticking with it and seeing it through. I’m going to focus on shorter term goals, and keep getting on the Q schedule, because it’s a great way to help get out of a funk.


Hard Hat

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