January 13, 2022 | The Berm – Drop in a Bucket| Stone Creek Park

PAX: Birdman, Night Crawler, Blanks, Slow Clap, Al Borland, House Party, Skipper, LPC, Short Sale, Tropic Thunder (FNG), Nailed It, Obi-Wan, Tee Ball, Todo, Mulligan, Slap Shot, Tube Socks, Chucky, Pantyhose


Q: Truly


Weather:  41 *F Clear Skies, Wind 5 MPH


Pre-Runners came hauling in.  Truly called 5:15am.  Welcomed PAX. Gave F3 core values, mission statement, credo, and disclaimer.  Had PAX join teams of 2 – similar stature, ability, and life goals.  Started short mosey to basketball court for Warmo rama.


Warm o rama: • Music by Incubus – Aqueous Transmission • Side Straddle Hop x 15 IC • Hurdle position on groundo Right leg grab – 10 counto Left let grab – 10 count• Downward Dog – 10 count Downdog – left leg hold – 5 count Downdog – right leg hold – 5 count• Plank into Merkin – rotate to right arm directly towards sky – 5 count• Back to plank to Merkin – rotate to left arm towards sky – 5 count• Plank position….. Que the Clarence Carter song: “Strokin’”o Did a Merkin each time the song said the word “Love” or “Strokin”o Played 2+ minutes of song – Recover • Mosey towards West Berm for Pre-Thang: o Que the Country Music


Pre Thang: • With Florida-Georgia-Line: “I love my Country”, leading the PAX;  o Teams of two gathered at bottom of West Berm o Truly found that his very cheap puck lights had automatically turned off, leaving the starting position in question.  ▪ PAX quickly rallied to find the cones and activate the lights – crisis averted.  #Teamworko Army Berm Stye Buddy Carry up Berm. o Roughly 10 yards of flat ground, 20 yards of steep incline. o At top of Berm – Flutter Kicks, 20 I.C. led by Pantyhose • Crab walk back down the berm to starting position – Switch buddy carry positions. • Top of Berm – Heels to Heaven, 20 I.C. led by Tee Ball • Run down Berm to starting position• Wheel barrows back up Berm • Top of Berm – we found LPC, Slow Clap, and Skipper, all ready for that 5:30am start time! o LPC was allowed to pick the next Core Exercise:  Box Cutters – 20 I.C. • Back down to berm for last round of wheel barrows up that West Berm.  • Country Music continues to play; Eric Church – “Drink in my Hand”• PAX takes a lap to allow Truly to find his cones, which once again have gone dark. o 4 cones are found at the 4 quadrants of the sidewalk that circles the soccer field. o The lights are lit after the lap, and the PAX transitions into “The Thang” 


The Thang: 

Groups of 2 become Teams of 4.  

4 stations staged around soccer field walking path loop. 

Set up like a 4 x 100 relay race.  1 person from team at each station. 

Station 1 – Runner Start 

Station 2 – Burpee Station 

Station 3 – Bonnie Blair Station 

Station 4 – Merkin Station 

HIM at each station start doing the exercises:  Station 1 runs to Station 2 (burpees). 

With slap of hand, Station 2 can run to Station 3 (Bonnies). 

Station 3 runs to Station 4 (Merks)

When station 4 is relieved, they run all the way around to Station 2 to take over for the Burpees.  

Goal was for each Team to get 200 reps at each station.  


Omaha! at 5:45am sharp.  As Luke Combs serenades the PAX with “Cold as You”, we mosey back to the shovel flags.  


The finale:

Music by Foo Fighters – My Hero;  Incubus – Privilege 

2 coupons at center of circle.  

Each original team of 2 comes to center to wrap out 13 squats each, holding a coupon.  

The PAX is in plank around them and help count and support. 

After all squats – quick count off.  


Prayer Requests – To all of those dealing with illness, Covid, etc.  And some requests to be mindful of our surroundings and be positive as we all try to deal with staying healthy.  And to health care workers specifically working long tired hours.   

Prayer to Mulligan’s mother – Norma – who passed away the week prior.  And Mulligan requested special prayers and thanks to 2 special nurses who stayed with Norma bedside during her last moments.  Those nurses are Shay and Maria.  


COT: Drop in the Bucket 


Truly (I) had a person story of 3rd F experience.  Delivering food to families in need around Christmas through Abide and Creighton Prep H.S.   One gentleman stood out in particular.  Man was extremely grateful, welcoming, thankful, but very much in need of that food delivered, and probably a lot more.  


That experience left me (Truly) somewhat disappointed and frustrated that I couldn’t do more.  So much need.  Am I doing enough?  Can I do more?  Felt like my families’ efforts that day were just a drop in the bucket.  How can real impact and real change be made?   


After thought and prayer – it became clear that although an individual effort on one day, seemed small, the overall effort was huge!   There were 100’s of people at Prep making that event happen.  Many organizations that volunteered.   And while the Truly family was driving around, so were 100’s of other families.  So yes, the impact of that event, that day were not small.   And that was 1 day.  There are many many days like that here in our City, and around the Country, around the World.   


So be a drop in the bucket – because your drop counts.   And your drop fills buckets.  


See you in the Gloom, 


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