PAX: 10 Total – High Life, Lucky Charms, Oompa, Farva, Animal House, Tony the Tiger, Chernobyl, Milo, Irish Car Bomb

QIC: Duracell


5:30 a.m. – Temp: 21 Degrees 

The PAX gathered at the shovel flags. Duracell covered the F3 Mission Statement: To plant, grow, & serve the invigoration of male community leadership through small workout groups.  The Credo was recited: We leave no man behind & no man where we found him.  Duracell stated the 5 core principles: Always outside, open to all men, always free, led in a rotating fashion, & ends in a COT and advised the PAX that he is not professional & to modify as needed.  


This weight workout was done entirely inside our outdoor shelter. 

Warmarma: 20 side straddle hops, 12 tappy taps, 12 sun gods, 12 reverse sun gods, 10 slow burpees. PAX added one dumbbell to the final 2 warmups: Weighted Atlas 10 per side (One dumbbell in both hands, reach down like your picking it up off the floor, lift upward & in an arc over your opposite shoulder like you’re putting it on a shelf) and Press Jacks for 1 minute (side straddle hop with your feet, while holding the dumbbell with both hands & pressing up & down.) 

The Thang:  PAX grabbed both dumbbells (typically between 15-20 lb dumbbells) & completed 1 minute exercises in sequence of: Chest, Arms, Legs, Cardio.  Rest time was just enough for a quick demo of the next exercise.  
Round 1: Chest: Push-up-Row (Pushup on our weights, row one dumbbell up, pushup, row other side).  Arms: Biceps 21s (rep count vs. timed: 7 curls halfway up, 7 curls top half of range only, 7 complete curls).  Legs: One-legged squat press  (1 weight in right hand, stand on left foot only w/ right foot slightly off ground, squat down to touch the weight to left ankle, stand & press the weight into the sky.)

Round 2: Chest: Merkin Weight Pass (Merkin w/ weight on ground near shoulders, at top of merkin, pass weight from left to right, push up again, pass weight to other side.) Arms: Balance curl, switching feet at 30 seconds (stand on one foot & do curls: one foot only forces the core to work to control your body,  PAX were encouraged to close their eyes, which increases the balance difficulty & core involvement to do the exercise.)  Legs: One-legged squat press as in round 1, but switched sides. Cardio: Arc Press Lunge (one weight in both hands, alternating lunges – each time you switch feet, press dumbbell upward in an arc overhead & to the other side of your body.) 

Round 3: Chest: Double Hand Release Merkin (T-Merkin at bottom, 1st hand release, plyo push-up at top, popping hands off ground, 2nd hand release). Legs: Crescent/Chair (hold both weights, start in a lunge position similar to a yoga crescent pose & hold for 10 seconds, without raising up move to chair position & hold for 10 seconds, back to crescent pose with alternating feet forward) Arms: Y Press (weight in each hand, shoulder press flaring outward at the top in a Y) Cardio:  Weighted twist (hold one dumbbell with both hands – do high knees while rotating the weight to the outside of each high knee.)

PAX each had access to a picnic table with built in bench.  We performed the following exercises for 1 minute each using the bench: Chest: Alternating Merkin/Carolina Dry Dock with feet on bench. Legs: Bench Squats (both dumbbells, squat until your  barely hits the bench to force us to squat to parallel position & stand back up.)  Arms: Biceps concentration curl, 30 seconds per arm (sitting on the bench, hold 1 dumbbell in right hand w/ elbow pushing on right knee to remove momentum & curl – switch arms at 30 seconds). Core: Upside-down Mountain Climbers (feet on bench, hands on ground, mountain climbers).  Back: Under Table Pullups: PAX slid legs under bench, gripped the bench & did pullups. Chest: Incline Military Pushups (hands on bench close together, feet on ground).  Arms Tricep Dips on bench with 1 foot on ground, switch @ 30 seconds. Core: Weighted Situps (feet on bench, situp while holding 1 dumbell.) 

MORE MARY WRAP-UP: The PAX did 3 additional core exercises to close the workout.  1) Weighted Elbow Plank (Plank w/ left elbow down, right hand holds one dumbbell & drags in a half circle along the ground. Switch @ 30 seconds, repeat other side.) 2) Weighted Oh Yeahs (6 on ground, 1 weight in right hand, use core to press weight up to sky, sit back down & repeat for 30 seconds, switch sides). 3) Weighted Hammers (feet elevated twisting situp, moving weight from side to side – went around the circle of PAX & each counted a 3-count). 

COT: The COT was based on a quote from Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”  YHC spoke about the power of our mind in being able to achieve our objectives & the fact that many people have probably already lost sight of their 2022 resolution & the will power it takes to make sure we hit ours this year & can move onto another next year.  We also spoke about the power of accountability & partnering with our F3 brothers to assist with achieving our goals.  
YHC took us out in prayer for those with COVID, including our brother Gipper.  

Animal House was crowned the weekly winner of the Steel Mill Swole Award for his never-ending inspirational work ethic, both inside & outside of the 1st F & for being a long-time mentor & accountability partner to YHC.

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