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PAX:  Icy Hot, Black Lung, Tube Socks, Chucky, Saul, Side dish, Spaghetti O, Paramount, TIn Cup, Flanders, Ice T

Q: Splinter

5:08 a.m. YHC pulled into a fairly empty parking lot to unload the morning surprise.  YHCstruggled to get the surprise to the side of the building where it was to hide until needed.  After that chore was done the smaller surprise was unloaded and YHC set it down as a small seat by the shovel flags.  YHC took a seat until 5:15 a.m.

5:15 a.m. YHC welcomed 11 PAX to a beautiful crisp morning at Paradise Island. Explained the mission of F3 along with the 5 core principles and informed the PAX that we were going to have to deal with a 40# log “morning wood” during the beatdown.  The log was to be carried at all times by one of the PAX and when we stopped for an exercise the lucky PAX carrying the log at that point was to hold the log above his head and keep it up until the exercise was complete.  

Childish comments about the log were made and PAX had fun commenting about how hard itwas going to be to keep the log up for the duration of the exercise at their age.  With that we were off on a quick Mosey for Warm-A-Rama.  During the mosey YHC did mention that Splinter was not a professional and there was risk of injury so modify as needed, YHC didn’t want to hear about any splinters.


PAX, with a log in tow, moseyed to the bank parking lot for warm-a-rama (log pass)• Burpee’s – 12

The Thang

PAX moseyed around to the lake (2 log passes) to the first stop in apartment parking lot.• Burpee’s (the 1 leg kind) – 12 (log pass)

PAX moseyed back along the lake past where the Pergola once stood, peaked out between a couple apartments and made an abrupt change to the normal course sneaking out of the first apartment exit on Regency Parkway where a nice little grass hill waiting. • 2 Burpee’s at bottom of hill sprint to top 2 Burpee’s at the top and back down – X5

The log was passed and we were back on the normal route to the flower box at the base of Harney Parkway.• Burpee’s (the 1 leg kind) – 10 (log pass)

Mosey up (log pass) to the top of the hill where Paramount was asked what exercise he wanted to do, to which he replied Burpee’s and so we did 10 more.• Burpee’s – 10 (log pass)

Mosey to Westchester Dr. where Icey Hot was asked what exercise he wanted to do, to which he replied Burpee’s and so we did 10 more.• Burpee’s – 10 (log pass)

Mosey back to shovel flags (2 log passes), well almost shovel flags.  YHC told the PAX to look for a much larger log leaning against the building by the flags and stop there.  

Once the six (YHC) was in, PAX lined up for a wall sit along the building and were instructed to pass the very large log (Black Lung indicated it weighed as much as he did) down the line.  Once the log passed your spot you were to get up and move to the end of the wall sit line.  PAX proceeded to keep this up for 3 minutes during which time childish mumble chatter was heard.  YHC overheard some chatter about not thinking about how much their legs hurt due to the stupidly large log we were passing around the building and at that point felt it a good time to call Omaha.  

Mosey back to shovel flags



Circle of Trust:

So, YHC moved a short time ago and had to admit to the PAX that it has not been all that I was hopping for.  Over the past month my family and I have been grieving the house that we called home as we try to settle into what feels like someone else’s house.  Having to work through the emotion of what was going on in my heart, YHC was hit by the fact that it was all the little things that happened in the last house that made it home.  Like that small single log we carried today when put together with other can build a house so it is with other things in our lives.  The little things in relationships make them special, the little things that happen in a home, make it a warm, welcoming, and safe place that one grows to love and take for granted.  YHC misses the stupid light switch that was on the wrong side of the master closet, the floor that creaked in front of the room that my wife and I brought 5 babies’ home to and in the course of time made it theirhome as well.  Don’t miss the little things men of F3, it feels like we are looking in the rearview mirror before we figure out what really matters, don’t miss the small things today.

The Nugent Flag was passed

Coffeteria/3rdF discussion followed



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