Acceleration – //January 7, 2022//Elmwood Park/Golf Course//AO-The Woodshed//Temp was +3 with a “Real-Feel” of WHOA-NELLY

17 Pax: Buns-Of-Steel, Tater Tot, Grease Fire, Pony Express, Folsom, Honey Stinger, Slow Pitch, Spreadsheet, Khakis, Othello, Beeps, Polaroid, Golden Pike, Bovine, TC, Black Lung, 

Q: Frosty

It was cold all week and today was no different.  

Today is my 2 year F3 Anniversary.  The logical choice for today’s beatdown would be to mosey up to the garage and recreate Plague’s 21’s that forced me into a “medical” condition that made me “wander off” and maybe “weep” the first time I posted at the Woodshed, BUT ALAS, we did not do that.

No, today was all about ACCELERATION into the future. 

Warm O’ Rama

Wanting to get us warm and keep us warm, YHC lead us in some butt kickers, high knees, SSH and Big Ones.  

The Thang: “Merkin My Way Back To You Babe” Holes 4 – 9 at Elmwood

Today, we moseyed to the 4th Tee Box.  We counted off into 6 groups because we were going to be stopping at 6 Tee Boxes.  The plan was to do 5 sets of Merkins at each Tee Box as follows:

1st set – 20 Merkins
2nd set – 15 Merkins
3rd set – 10 Merkins
4th set – 5 Merkins

At each stop, one of the 6 groups would grab the bench and do Dips instead of Merkins.  

I asked 5 special HIM to lead with me at these stops, they were allowed to rest or do a different exercise between sets.  The leaders were:

4th Tee Box – Frosty
5th Tee Box – Spreadsheet
6th Tee Box – Grease Fire (YHC asked GF to audible to Squats here, I regret that decision)
7th Tee Box – Othello
8th Tee Box – Slow Pitch
9th Tee Box – TC

This was a fairly high rep workout with very hilly mosey between stops.  I would definitely do this again.  

After the 9th Tee Box, Omaha was called and it was back to the shovel flag for Mary

6 MOM;   On our 6 for Mary.  We did Big Boys.  Lately I’ve been doing 90 seconds of flutter kicks, but I have a hip flexor and was immediately made aware by my body that flutter kicks were not ok.  I cut us off after about 10 seconds because “if you can’t do it, don’t Q it”

We ended with Rancid Style Hammers, we did 18 because I threw one in for Nugent.

Announcements/Prayer Requests:
I was very self-absorbed during prayer requests because of my prayer request and it was SO COLD.  My cousin Bobby was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on his kidney and needs prayers.  During name-o-rama we all said “Go Bobby” to cheer him on.  They are still gathering information on what his next step is.  I can’t imagine the fear.

Other prayers were made, but I honestly don’t remember.

CSAUP coming up.  Many 3rd F Opportunities

COT:  Pretty reflective on my 2nd F3 Anniversary.  Last year on my anniversary, my COT was about where I came from.  My journey getting clean and sober, then eventually finding F3.  My life would’ve been better by just removing the drugs and alcohol.  It was better, but then I found you, F3 and the roof of life blew off.  You used words like “Acceleration”, and I was interested in that.  

    I think there is a danger to the phrase “recovering” alcoholic/drug addict.  It makes me think of always coming from behind.  Fighting an uphill battle.  My life was better sober, but like Slow Pitch’s essay in Freed to Lead says, sobriety wasn’t enough.  So I join F3, immediately lose like 40 pounds and can do more than ever.  That’s better, but it’s not necessarily good.  I can’t say I really ACCELERATED over the last year.  Life is great, but I know I can do better in all three F’s, especially fitness.

    On Do-Re-Mi’s and I’s wedding day, we took a perfect long walk up a beach.  We stopped and had a COT of sorts where we talked about all the twists, turns and choices that lead us there.  How I overcame drugs and alcohol and she worked through her fears created from her past and eventually became willing to get married again.  We talked about wanting to move forward together.  We asked God to come into our marriage.  We both want to accelerate individually and together.  As far as I’m concerned, we got married right then and there.  I would have never had that point of view or conversation without F3.  

    I love you guys so much.  I’m so grateful for you and I’m ready to push the gas pedal and accelerate.

PRAYER:  Frosty took us out in prayer.

Aye- Frosty 

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