1-11-2022 0530 AO: The Trident

Weather: 22°, Wind 8 MPH, 12° windchill

PAX: Wentworth, Roadhouse, Chicklets, Saul, Tuna Fish, Safe Ride, LightBrite, Convoy, Hard Hat, Speed Square, Hoser

QIC: Hoser

After a F3 Nation record setting month long pre blast, 11 PAX decided meet up on a crisp morning to see if they had the courage to run into a burning building when others would run out.  At 0530 the Beatdown commenced by sharing the Mission, Core Principles, and Disclaimer, no FNGs present.

Quick Mosey to the adjacent parking lot.


  • Side Straddle Hop x15IC
  • Tappy Taps x10IC
  • Monkey Humpers x10IC
  • Imperial Walkers x10IC
  • Cherry Pickers x10IC

Quick Mosey to the bowels of the parking garage where the PAX were greeted with the Pre-Thang setup: twin 55 lb sandbags, 1 flight of stairs, and sheet of AMRAP exercises.  The average firefighter gear with air pack weighs 45 lbs.  Add in another 30 pounds of equipment for a total of 75 lbs to lug around.  After a quick introduction to functional training and how we would be simulating the movements of a house fire, we started the pre-Thang. 

Pre-Thang – We split into 2 teams for a good old fashioned stair climb.  1 man from each team would run 2 flights of stairs with a sandbag shoulder carry while the rest of the team completed two rounds of the following movements AMRAP style.

  • Merkins
  • Air Squats
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Balls to the wall with a alternating shoulder taps
  • Bonnie Blairs

Quick Mosey – Back to the flags for the Thang

Thang – House Fire

Again working as two teams, we circled this 4 cone (15 yards apart) course 2 times with coupons.

1- Ladder Carry and Raise

Rifle Carry coupon to the next cone, complete 10 Blockees

2– Search

Murder Bunny to the next cone, Perform CPR – 20 Diamond Merkins

3 – Rescue

Reverse Murder Bunny to the next cone, Hose Drag – 20 Rows

4– Fire Attack

Bear Crawl and drag your coupon to the next cone, Overhaul/Ceiling Pull – 20 Overhead Press


Mary –

  • LBC x21
  • Low Dollies x21
  • American Hammers (Rancid style) – 11


Announcements/Prayer Requests

COT – After peering through the window at F3 and stalking this group of guys via twitter for a year, I finally made the jump 5 months ago at the Trident to see what it’s all about.  I’m hooked.  I’ve found a new community of men to learn from as I navigate through life as a father and husband.  Watch out for the quiet guys.  5 months of silent monkey humpers, next stop Kool-Aid man! Oh yeah!!!

Roadhouse led us out in a prayer.

Thank you for showing your support at my VQ. 


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