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PAX: Obi-Wan, Fine Print, Ketchup, Kobiyashi, Crab Cakes, Khakis, Mufasa, Gator, Cheap Seats, Speed Square, Arm Bar, Hard Hat, Blades of Glory, Barber Shop, Retweet, Chip ‘N Dale, Relish (Welcome Back!), Roadhouse, Painkiller, Escobar, Tater Tot, Da Kind, Thomas, Vandelay, Barn Door, Tee Ball, Treble Hook, Big One, GTA, Chiclets, Slow Pitch, Yodel, Slick and Wait Time.
YHC: Wait Time

YHC welcomed 33 PAX members to a Christmas starry morning. Truthfully, I was a little concerned that no one told me that I looked like an idiot wearing entirely white (including a white beret). The mission statement, principles and disclaimer was shared. This disclaimer included my belief that the three wise men who visited Jesus, Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem were actually named Barry, Maurice and Robin. Everyone knew that took gold, frankincense and myrrh but no one knew that the had amazing falsettos and three-part harmonies.

The PAX moseyed towards the lake for Warm-A-Rama accompanied by the sweet sounds of the Bee Gees – our three wise men in the gloom.

SSH x 20 IC | PLANK | Shoulder Taps x 15 IC | Half Pigeon | Garland Pose

PAX continued to mosey towards the lake dam. PAX did SSH until the Bee Gees sang the word “Tragedy.” Every time they said “Tragedy” we did a burpee.

PAX arrived at the dam, and they were instructed to choose a rock from the pile of riff-raff. It was important to choose your pet rock wisely. Workout intended to prevent mumblechatter (“Jive Talkin’). Of course, they did not prevent Mufasa from expressing himself.

PAX partnered up. One partner ran to the top of the dam and completed one burpee. While the other partner completed each of the following exercises AMRAP. When the partner returned from top of dam, the pair flapjacked.

Copperhead Squat | Military Press | Big Boy Sit Ups | “Rockies” (Burpees with the Rock) | Lunge with Twist | Uneven Merkins | American Hammers.

PAX moseyed back to shovel flag.

PAX did shoulder taps during “Stayin Alive.” Every time the Bee Gees sang “Stayin’ Alive” we did a Merkin.

PAX continued to mosey to shovel flag.


American Hammer x 34 IC (Rancid Style)

COT: The Three Wise Men and an Offering

The Three Wise Men saw a brilliant star in that sky that rested over Bethlehem where Jesus was born. The three wise men traveled from a distant eastern country to find the new king. During the trip, Herod the King of Judah, met with the wise men and Herod told them to come back and let him know where the baby king was so he could worship him.

The wise men continued to Bethlehem and found Jesus where the star pointed. They knelt and worshipped him and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh – an offering.

Remembering this story, I thought about how we provide our “offering” each day we rise up to meet our brothers in the gloom. Herod and the high priests knew that Jesus was in Bethlehem and chose not to bring an offering to the new king.

This story caused me to look in the mirror and realize that I have recently been lax about the offering that I bring to the gloom. I was choosing to go to AOs that were convenient for me. I was missing important VQs and shovel passes. These events are important to PAX members. An offering is an expression of sacrifice. The simple act of driving across town to support a VQ is an offering. I have seen how important it can be to a rookie Q. I had become lazy and the three wise men story helped me remember to bring an offering to the gloom.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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