January 11, 2022 5:30am

22 degrees 

AO: The Coliseum

Co-Q’s: Scoober and Doppler

PAX: (17) Barbershop, Sams Club, Toadstool, Super Tasty, Tin Cup, Lansbury, Black Lung, Honey Made, Ice-T, Hat Trick, Q-Tip, Sportiva, MMMkay, Bloodshot, Oompa, Doppler (Q), Scoober(Q)

Announced: The Mission Statement, Credo. Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles. 

Asked about FNGs – None Today

Doppler picked up Scoober with his strong arms and carried him about halfway to the field, but in the interest of not breaking him further,  put him down before a disaster occured. 


Tappy Taps, Tater Taps, SSH, Big Ones

Pre-Thang – Shoulder Burner

Keeping arms up and doing calf raises

15 sun gods front wards IC

15 seal claps IC

15 chinooks IC

15 Flappy Birds IC

15 Moroccan night clubs IC

15 Cherry pickers IC

15 Raise the roofs IC

15 OH seal claps IC

15 sun gods backwards IC


Split the PAX into two groups. Two stations, one in each endzone

Scoober’s “No weight on my knees please” Station

Round 1

20 Carolina Dry Docks

10 Supermans (IC) increasingly slower count

20 Big Boys

Round 2

20 Shoulder taps IC

20 OH Yeahs IC

20 WW1 Sit Ups

Round 3

20 alternating side planks IC

20 side plank dip (10 each side)

20 frozen freddies ic

Doppler’s Monkey Leg Station

Round 1

20 Monkey humpers

20 squat jumps

20 Johnny dramas

Round 2

20 right leg MH

20 sumo squats

10 1 leg burpees 5 each leg

Round 3

20 left leg MH

20 copperhead squats

20 Groiners

Post – Thang

Play “I Won’t Let You Down” by OK GO

Plank for whole song, do a standard Merkin whenever you hear the word “Down”


Scoober led Reverse Table Top Extensions 

Doppler Led Low Dollies, 

Barbershop Led LBCs

Sams Club led Box Cutters

Oompa Led Heals to Heaven

American Hammers Rancid Style 


  • CSAUP is coming up. Doppler could use help with course management if you are fast or slow. 
  • F3OmahaBruisers twitter page is up and running. Consider a potential bruiser friendly workouts as you’re planning your beatdowns. 
  • Mulligan’s Mom’s funeral is today.


So,  I’ve been on the shelf for the past week, feeling pretty crappy about it because it’s not like I injured my knee doing anything cool,  I’m just getting old and must have stepped on it funny or something. I’ve been missing the fitness aspect, but especially the fellowship that comes with F3. I was at the point last Friday where I started looking for someone to take this Q from me because I didn’t feel like I could produce a quality workout for anyone else.  Doppler immediately responded with “Want to Co-Q?” which is something I hadn’t even thought of.  My mood must have immediately shifted because a couple hours later, my M commented that I seemed like I was in a better mood.  Apparently,  I wasn’t acting very loving for the previous few days because I was feeling upset about my knee and missing F3. 

So we hear all the time people bring up how important it is to keep reaching out to guys we haven’t seen for awhile, and guys that may be injured and whatnot. It always sounded nice but I never really understood how important it actually is until I was on the other end. Over the past few days,  as people have noticed I was missing,  I’ve had a bunch of guys reach out to touch base and check in and it’s really raised my spirits and kept the fire burning.  So if you have the time,  reach out to our brothers who haven’t made it out in a while by choice or by necessity and let them know you’re thinking about them.  

Barbershop led us out in prayer. 

Thanks to Tin Cup for having us on the Q.  


Scoober and Doppler. 

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