Backblast: Helix, 1/11/22 – I need you!

Q – Slow Pitch

22 Degrees and Clear Skies

19 Pax: Jeeves (Respect), Honey Stinger, Panty Hose, House Party, Sven, G.U.T (Hate), Kill Switch, TC (Respect), Z-Bo, Nailed It, Birdman, Tube Socks, Al Borland, Nightcrawler, Cradle, Slow Clap (Respect), Tuner, GTA, Slow Pitch

The Q pulled up at 4:55 and saw there was a stud putting the flag into the ground under the cover of darkness. It was the Site Q of the AO and he was getting ready to take off on a pre-run. Slow Pitch wished him a jolly jog and took off with his box of cones, lights and workout to the tennis courts. He then started his fitness watch and went on a run around the park. This was the original plan for the opening mosey for the workout. However, Slow Pitch, realized at .58 miles into it, that is more than he wants to start the workout with. If there are less than four others posting today, we will start with this, if more, we will lay down in the grass. The Q ran around setting up lights and cones, spacing all of them perfectly out.

As the Q headed toward the flags, a man, at what seemed like record pace, ran right past him. It was Birdman trying to set the .64 milerecord at the site. Record probably still stands.  We circled up at the flags and at 5:30 started off with the 5 core principles: 


Open to all men, 

Peer led in a rotating fashion and 

Always outside

Ends in a COT. 

Mission statement: To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of make community leadership.

He’s not a professional. 

Well, looky here. Someone is pulling up at 5:31 and hammering the horn in a quiet neighborhood. Name will be left out, but damn, horns are loud before 97% of the city’s population is still asleep. Echo included.

The Q modified his workout from the start and had the pax lay down in the grass and look up at the stars. We performed heals to heaven 20 IC and the protractor to start it off. We then moseyed to inside the tennis court.

Warmarama: Deconstructed SSH. Regular SSH 10 IC, Right Arm, Right Foot 10 IC, Left Arm, Left Foot 10 IC, Right Arm, Left Foot 10 IC, Left Arm, Right Foot 10 IC.

To the fence: Balls to the walls. Left 15, Right 15 on left or right. Not certain how well this worked out, as it was dark and the Q was not paying attention to anyone else. Once completed we gathered everyone together and went on a mosey around the sidewalk to the top of the hill. The pax was divided into two, group one starting with the lights and leg exercises, the other with the ladder up and down the hill. The lights were explained to be spaced .25 miles, on a gnat’s nuts, apart and what they didn’t know, was the cones were 25 yards from tip to tip to tip. 

The Thang

At the light, one group does the light exercises the other the ladder, then flip after each is completed:

50 Squats, run to next light: 50 Squats, run back and start their ladder.

Run down to first cone: 10 Merkins, then run back to light: 10 Merkins

Down to next cone 20 Merkins back to light 20 Merkins

Down to 3rd cone 30 Merkins back to light 30 Merkins

After ladder, do 50 Monkey Humpers IC, run to other light: 50 Humpers IC

Ladder down to cone 10 LBCs back to light 10 LBCs on up

Down to next cone 20 LBCs back to light 20 LBCs on up

Down to 3rd cone 30 LBCs back to light 30 LBCs on up

Omaha was called at 6:05 to mosey back to flags

Mary: 21 Ranger Merkins and 19 Sumo Squats, then the Q realized his watch said 1.99 miles, so he did 10 SSH IC and tried to travel around in a circle to hit 2 miles…not accomplished.

Announcements: CSAUP

Prayers: Jeeves’ Aunt Kathy and another friend of his. Waffle House


In another fellowship the night before Slow Pitch heard one of his friends say: For me looking for God outside of you guys is like a fish trying to find water outside of the ocean.This statement is exactly what the men of F3 are to the Q. 

Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity, is the second step of 12 in AA. You may or may not know it, but to me the pax is a perfect example of a power greater than myself. 

I need you! Please continue to show up because you don’t know the difference you’re making in someone else’s life. My marriage, being a dad, an employee, life’s stresses, and challenges, I need you. You may be the distraction or bridge I needed to step over my challenge. Your laughter, chatter, push, positivity, prayer and asking God to be present is what I need to start my day, however negative or full of anxiety I wake up. I don’t wake up every morning ready to approach the day in a healthy manner. Just yesterday, I needed you. So many mornings I need you. Thank you for being here this morning because you guys help restore, not just me, but others to sanity. 

Prayer: GTA

Thank you for letting me be of service! – Slow Pitch

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