Saturday, January 8th, 2022 – The Pit – Papillion, NE – 6:00 a.m.

PAX: 14 Total – Gipper, Gobbler, Ferdinand, Supe, Chernobyl, Girl Dad, Baby Shark, Ear Tag, Knobs, Trench, Ditty, High Life, Borat, Fire Walker

Q: Duracell

6:00 a.m. – Temp of 8 Degrees 

The PAX gathered at the shovel flags. Duracell covered the F3 Mission Statement: To plant, grow, & serve the invigoration of male community leadership through small workout groups.  The Credo was recited: We leave no man behind & no man where we found him.  Duracell stated the 5 core principles: Always outside, open to all men, always free, led in a rotating fashion, & ends in a COT and advised the PAX that he is not professional & to modify as needed.  


The PAX mosied around the pond, roughly ¼ mile, stopping 4 times to do 5 burpees each.  We stopped halfway for Warmarma: 15 side straddle hops, 15 goof balls, 10 tappy taps, 12 sun gods, 12 reverse sun gods.

The Thang: PAX mosied into the shelter, which included a fire in the fireplace for a 4-station grinder. Station 1 was the Push Group & included the following exercises while toting a coupon: Bear Crawl, Murder Bunny, Rifle Carry, Crawl Bear, Bunny Murder.  The remaining stations AMRAP’d exercises until pushed.  Station 2: Upper Body – Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Alternating Shoulder Taps, Werkins, Dips.  Station 3: Core – Freddy Mercurys, Big Boys, LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Alternating Heel Touch.  Station 4: Lower Body – Jump Squats, Alternating Lunges, Apollo Ohno’s, Copperhead Squats, Air Squats.  PAX finished each round of one station & moved to “The Wall”.

The Wall: The AO had an outdoor shelter with 4 walls.  Each PAX found a spot on the wall to attempt each of the following exercises for 1 minute, with a 15 second break in between.  The sequence was 1 exercise Upper Body, 1 Lower Body & 1 Core.  PAX performed the following exercises: Upper: Wall Walk Up (similar to “balls to the wall” but using your hands to walk in & out while feet remained on the wall), Wall Plank (feet on ground, hands on wall, body in horizontal position), Chicken Peckers.  Lower Body: Wall Squat with arms raised & elbows + wrists touching wall, Wall Squat March (same as a wall squat, but legs moving in marching fashion).  Core: Legs on Wall Situps (Legs up on wall, crunch straight up), Legs on Wall Alternating Situps (alternating to each foot), Oblique Side Planks (feet on wall, one elbow on ground, hold side plank, switch at 30 seconds).

PAX finished the morning with roughly 5 additional minutes of Mary. 

COT: The COT was based on a speech that Duracell heard by Joe Montana in March of 2016.  Montana spoke about the rookie season of Jerry Rice.  In Rice’s first practice, the drill was to catch a simple 10-yard pass.  But Rice insisted on sprinting the remaining 90 yards to the opposite endzone every time he caught the ball – to the dismay of his veteran teammates.  When asked why, Rice stated “Every time I touch the ball, I expect to score.”  He continued running to the endzone with every caught pass in practice & eventually everyone had the mindset to expect to score every time they touched the ball.  Duracell spoke to the 2 lessons he learned from the speech: 1) Expecting to win, 2) Helping others around you develop the mindset of expecting to win.  The COT finished with the Q’s own experience that was inspired by the speech, relating to personal goals.  Expecting to win has changed the Q’s goal mindset from “I hope, want, or will possibly” accept a goal to looking at a goal as a similar reality.  The analogy used was a vacation: Once you book the vacation, it is a reality, but you still have to pack your bags.  PAX were encouraged to look at their goals as a future reality that is going to happen, the steps to get there are the bags that need to be packed. 

Gobbler took us out in prayer.


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