PAX: Spreadsheet; Two Step, Othello, Joe Buck, TC, Cyclone

Q: Gunner

Started at 7:00 am and welcomed the Pax and cited the F3 Mission statement, 5 Core Principles, “Modify as Necessary” disclaimer, and The Credo.   After the standard opening procedure- we got to moseying right away for the warmarama-pre-thang combo.

Warm-O-Rama / Pre-Thang Combo

Mosey across the Gallup grass field to the street traffic light at the Gallup drive-way and performed the first set of warmarama.

15 IC Hillbillies

12 IC Mtn Man Poopers

15 IC Plank Jacks

15 Alternating shoulder touches

Moseyed across the bridge and to the next set of lights on Abbot Drive

At the intersection of Abbot Drive and the CHI parking lot we did round 2 of warmarama

  1. 8 IC SSH – 8 IC Mountain climbers
  2. 16 IC SSH – 16 IC Mountain climbers
  3. 24 IC SSH – 24 IC Mountain climbers

We then moseyed to Northeast corner of “The Chuck” where there was an 8-station work-out circuit course set up. The stations were:

  1. 30 Count Wall Sit
  2. Crab Walk 50 feet
  3. Step Up 50 feet
  4. 10 Merkins
  5. Sprint
  6. 10 Big Boy
  7. 10 Box Jumps
  8. 15 Dips

For the most part all Pax did three rounds of the circuit course by 7:35 am. Cyclone was eager to get some more running in, so we audibled the second half of the work-out hour into a String-Of-Pearls.

From “The Chuck” we moseyed to the CHI Center’s stairs. At the stairs we did 3 runs of stairs. Run up, run down, run up.  At the top a 10 count.

We mosey to the end of the CHI pedestrian bridge on the river side of the arena. We did

20 Merkins

20 Air Squats

We moseyed along the Riverside Trail to the dock. We did our Mary portion of the workout on the river deck.

We did American hammers around the circle. 10 reps-10 count rest around the circle.

Moseyed back to the shovel flag by 7:55 am. We had performed a 2-1/2 mile String of Pearls work out in honor of The Canyon Site Q! Great Job Spreadsheet

Announcements –

CSAUP, Heartland Hope


For Healing of everyone not feeling well.

For TC’s mother Tiny getting well

For Waffle House who had some serious burns on his legs

COT: Forgiveness is the greatest super power one can have.

Gunner closed out with the prayer.

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