Dragon’s Lair

AO: Dragon’s Lair | January 8th, 2022 | Balmy 20deg

Q: Griswold

PAX: Tonight Show, Obi-Wan, Ozark (Respect), Gator, Yogi, Fine Print, Lite Brite, Mufasa, Crab Cakes, Lincoln Logs (Respect x 2), Unicycle, Nelly, Mr. Miyagi, Griswold.

Pulled up about 10 minutes early as I had a couple items to set up for this beatdown and already one car in the lot, energy within started rising and knew this was gonna be a great Saturday.

6am: Greeted the PAX, introduced myself and the site, went through mission statement and core principles.  Unfortunately no FNG’s today and I also warned PAX I was not a professional and part of this workout might end up being a cluster.

WoR – Moseyed to Church parking where we did the following to warm up. 15 SSH IC, 15 Tappy Taps, 15 Cherry Pickers and 10 Sun Gods F&R.

Pre-Pre-Thang – Moseyed to High School.  Was a nice wall there when I scouted the site, that I knew I wanted to use.  So we all stopped there and did a little work.  Couple rounds of: 15IC Chicken Peckers, 15 Donkey Kicks, Wall sits while each guy counts a number down and back. 2 rounds of that and we moved to the soccer field. 

Pre-Thang – Thought here was I want a mix of strength and endurance today so here was the endurance portion. Good ol Fashion grinder mile, except this ended up being 6 rounds instead of 4 and I think after we got all finished we ended up at 2.5 miles total, so kids if you want to, you can turn any AO into a running AO. We partnered up.  First partner runs around football field, other partner does AMRAP Merkins, then switch.  Next round same thing, First guy runs a lamp, partner does AMRAP Air squats.  Again, we got in 6 rounds of this.

Before heading back to the thang, we had enough time, and we hit the wall for a couple more rounds. Tonight Show also added a cool shoulder workout here and the name escapes me, but it was one we hadn’t done before, and freed to lead for Tonight Show, it was an Awesome addition.

Moseyed back to Basketball court for the thang.

The Thang:  Ok here comes the cluster.  I over thought this but it ended up working out nicely.  We all circled up. On one side of the circle was a 50lb sandbag and a coupon.  Directly across from it, was a 50lb KB, 35lb KB and a coupon.  Two guys leave the circle on each side and complete 10 reps of the following:

SB – Squats, Press, Burpee, Curls

KB – Swings, Horn Squat, Shoulder Press, Explosive Deadlift.

When the 10 reps were done, we rotated counter clockwise so everyone had a chance to do multiple rounds.  While we waited for our turn, we did AMRAP exercises and I called on multiple PAX to call out.  We did everything from Core to More Merkins, evidently Lite Brite didn’t get enough from the pre-thang.

Omaha was called about 6:51am and we got in a round of gas pumpers and American hammers for Mary.

Prayers & Announcements:  CSAUP, Queen Service

CoT:  It was national bubble bath day and while I love bubble baths, I had seen a few things on social media this last week about resolutions that I wanted to get off my chest.  I won’t go in full detail as the guys who posted Saturday know my position, nor do I want to offend someone with a differing opinion.  I’ll leave you with this, if a day on a calendar is something that gives you that push to better yourself, I’m 100% for it.  My opinion about anything will never be as strong as my willingness to help a Brother better themselves and nor would I ever post something that differs from that.  And I’ll leave it at that.

Next I talked a little bit about Gratitude and Humility.  I saw something this week that resonated with me and I wanted to share it.  Gratitude and Humility are some of the most powerful attributes in life.  A grateful heart leads to joy and blessings.  So give credit where it’s due.  Celebrate the victories regardless of who scored the game winner.  So Powerful.  I also share a verse from James 4:6 “ God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Lastly, I talked about the CSAUP.  I’ve left nuggets the past couple weeks when I can to people about carving out the time to do this.  Of all the things I’ve done in F3 over the last year and half, Shawshank was easily the most memorable.  I really don’t want anyone to miss out on an epic adventure for fear of something. 

That was all I had.  My brother Tonight Show led us out in a beautiful prayer.

Thank you for coming out to the Dragon’s lair to support me and their AO, and granting me an opportunity to lead this group today.



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