Wild Kingdom – Parade of Roses

January 4th, 2022

AO: Lake Zorinsky Park

31 degrees, cloudy and slight wind

PAX: Ketchup, Butterfly (Respect), Hawg (Respect), Mufasa, Fine Print, Crab Cakes, Vlasic (Respect), Lincoln Logs (Respect Respect), Mr. Miyagi, Al Borland, Chippendale, Beaver, Pothole, Stallion (Hate), Barn Door, Girl Dad, Napoleon FNG (Respect), Phantom (Hate), Obi Wan, T-Ball, Escobar, Sweet Sweet, Unicycle

YHC — Thomas

After a frigid start to the week the temps were quite comfortable leaving my house this morning.  As I pulled into the Wild Kingdom parking lot around 5:15 I noticed a number of cars already, suggesting a good crew of pre-runners.  I walked over to the shovel flags and Hawg was the first one to greet me in the new year.  The cars continued to roll in and I realized it was going to be a large group today.

Separate packs of pre-runners joined as they completed their early runs.  At 5:30 sharp I welcomed the PAX and learned that we had an FNG in the group.  It was a friend of mine and he had told me late yesterday that he wouldn’t make it, so this was a nice surprise.  In honor of the Wild Kingdom float at the Parade of Roses on New Years Day, I announced that today would be a parade around the Wild Kingdom.  But it would be a little short of the 5.5 mile route of the parade in Pasadena.  I also shared our core principles, our credo and a disclaimer as there was some ice around.  


We began a slow mosey to the boat launch parking lot, and along the way I knew I had forgot to mention something at the start.  As we circled up to begin the warm-a-rama I shared that if we were so fortunate to hear any train whistles that we’d do 10 burpees.  

Side Straddle Hops – 15 IC

Tappy Taps – 15 IC

Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

Sun Gods – 10 IC Forward and Back

Cherry Pickers — 15 IC

To wrap up warm-a-rama I introduced an exercise called Alt-11s.  The PAX started with 11 merkins, followed by 10 LBCs, and continued alternating down to the single merkin.  With that, we were ready for the Parade Route.  

The Thang:  I shared that the Parade Route would lead us along the road through the park to the parking lots.  We took off on a good pace, but nothing too fast to upset Ketchup.  The PAX got to the first parking lot for the first set of exercises.

We broke into two lines and duck-walked about 50 yards.  We then did 30 merkins as a group, and then lunge-walked back to the other end and resumed our run.  

Along the way to the second parking lot a train whistle was heard in the darkness.  We entered the second parking lot and knocked out our 10 burpees.  I then explained that this would be a 50% run to the far end and then full out spring coming back along the east side where the pavement was clear.  The PAX took off on the run and on the way back we heard more train whistles.  We all knocked out another 10 burpees over the mumblechatter as to whether that was the same train (it was).  

We then resumed the parade route continuing east all the way to the entrance of the park.  There we did 30 air squats and then headed back.  We completed the same exercises in each parking lot again, and then Omaha was called at 6:03 as we headed for the shovel flags.


The PAX circled up on their six for Mary.

Gas Pumpers – 15 IC

Heel Touches – 15 IC

American Hammers (Rancid Style)- 24


Registration is open for the CSAUP on the 29th.  First Friday lunch on the 7th.  Prayers for Chiclets as he recovers from surgery.  Prayers for Ketchup’s neighbor as he battles Covid.  Prayers for Napoleon’s daughter and changes in her life. 


Many people in the new year start off with ambitious goals and go after them with intensity. They are excited and hungry for success.  But that intensity can wear off and leave them short of the goal.  But if you strive for consistency, your chance of success goes up.  So even if you miss a workout, knock out 10 merkins, just something to keep the momentum going and you’ll find that consistency trumps intensity!

Thomas took us out in prayer.



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