AO: Impact Retreat // Saturday, January 8, 2022 // Weather 22 degrees (4 windchill) //  Q: Samples //

Pax: (38) Biff, Sparty, Superfly, LPC, Blackjack, Nailed It, Ketchup, Birdman, Sasquatch, Ruxpin, Thor, Waterboy, Geeves, Grillz, Chucky, Sister Act,

Samples reminded that PAX of the meaning of the three F’s, the mission statement, and the disclaimer that he is, not only, NOT a professional but also NOT a regular in the gloom guy on Saturdays.

Warm o Rama: Run to the four different cone stations about 450 meters away from the center cone and completed the following:

         -15 Big Ones IC

         -20 Side Straddle Hop IC

Jog to next station

         -20 Cherry Pickers IC

         – 20 Tappy Taps IC

Jog to next station

         -20 Sun Gods IC

         -20 Imperial Walkers IC

Jog to next station

         -15 Plank Jacks IC

The Thang:  Samples divided up the PAX into four groups.  Each group complete the first two exercises on the sheet then ran back to the center cone for some Mary.

North cone:  First Round – 30 Bonnie Blairs IC and 40 Air Squats

Second Round 30 Mountain Climbers IC and 30 Dirty Dogs

East cone: 30 Carolina Dry Docks and 30 Monkey Humpers IC

Second Round 40 Pickle Pushers IC and 30 Apollo Onos IC

South cone: 40 Merkins and 40 Oh Yeah’s

Second Round:   20 High Five Merkins and 40 Calf Raises

West cone:  20 Alternating Shoulder Taps IC  and 20 Alternating Lunges

Second Round:  40 Workin’s and 20 Sumo Squats IC

Center Cone for Mary included: 20 Flutter Kicks IC, 20 Big Ones, 20 Freddie Mercury’s and then 20 Low Dolly’s

At 7:15 Omaha was called and PAX met around the flag and did Hammers Rancid style.

Announcements – Birdman explained details for the rest of the retreat.  Wentworth reminded that Heartland Hope still needed volunteers for the food drive.  Check SLACK for details.

Prayers for Wentworth’s friend, James, in the hospital and DaVinci’s car to start.


Samples explained his strategy for getting closer to God

Reflect and Observe – just like David, a man after God’s own heart, reflected and observed as he was watching sheep during his youth, we are asked to take the time like we had here at this retreat to get some alone time with God.  While we are alone with Him, we need to find in presence and Glory in our surroundings.  Observing Him and His glory remind us that we are a part of His plan and He has a plan for us.

Listen and Obey – when we are in His quiet presence, there is a good opportunity for God to speak to us.  Don’t just listen to Him but we need to obey what He is telling us.  Just like in any relationship, the more we spend time with someone, the better we understand them. 

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