AO: Battlefield // Thursday, January 6th // Weather 0 degress (-18 with windchill) // Q: BetaMax // Theme: Breakfast of Burpees in the Cold

PAX: (12) Greek Freak, Rosetta, Beaver, Wentworth, RollBar, Spacebar, Bloodshot, TinCup, Biff, Q-Tip, Samples, BetaMax

BetaMax had the PAX mosey to a wind shelter while rattling off the mission statement, core principles and disclaimer.
Warm o rama: Run to WHS sheltered entrance, 20 Super Mario Jump Stars, 20 SSH, 20 burpees, 20 smurph jacks, 20 jump tucks).  Run back to middle of WHS football field.

Pre-Thang 1: Dip competition – All PAX began to AMRAP dips on the bleachers.  When you could do no more, each member had to do burpees instead.  Beaver ended up winning the competition!
Pre-Thank 2: Burpee grinder – Groups of 3.  One partner runs across football field to relieve other partner (on each side) who perform AMRAP…. Burpees.

Pre-Thang 3: Ice Ice Baby (to Burpee).  Burpees during “ice ice baby” lyrics and air squats for the remainder of the song.
Pre-Thang 4: 10-20-30-40-50-60 yard scramble
Karaoke to 10 yard & back – 10 BurpeesSkip to 20 yard & back – 20 MerkinsSuper mario jump to 30 & back – 30 SSHBernie Sanders to 40 yard & back – 40 Cherry PickersSpeed skaters to 50 yard & back – 50 Alternating lungesSprint to 50 yard & back – 60 Air squats

Pre-Thang 5:Tabata (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)
Smurph JacksMountain ClimbersJump tucksBobbie HurleysBurpees
Mary: BetaMax played a 3 minute audio clip from Jocko on “GOOD” and followed up the COT with the same message.  Hot outside?  GOOD.  Post anyway.  Freezing cold?  GOOD.  Post.  Regardless of the circumstance.  GOOD.
Prayers for Wentworth’s friend, James.
Heartland Hope needs volunteers!  Checkout the 3rd F channel on Slack to learn more.
*Average burpee performance was 100 (Hoo-ya!)

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